FORT MOHAVE — If you are a believer, Dr. Terry Coyle and his wife, Rose, are here in our community thanks to divine intervention.

If you’re not, then we really lucked out, because since 2002, Coyle has been recognized 15 times as the top of his profession. Or professions?

Coyle is a nurse practitioner as well as a chiropractor.

Originally from West Virginia, Coyle moved to Illinois to be closer to his wife’s family. For 11 of the 12 years he was in Danville, Illinois, his chiropractic clinic was selected as the top in the county. In the fall of 2013, Coyle moved to Bullhead City and since then was named top NP in the Mohave Valley Daily News “Best of” four times and in 2016 his clinic was named the top medical facility.

Coyle was originally going into nursing, but on his way to finishing his degree, he suffered an injury.

“While getting all my prerequisites, I ended up hurting my back,” said Coyle. “They wanted me to do pain medication which I couldn’t do because I was doing cardiac critical care at the time. So, I tried physical therapy.”

Coyle had little success with PT, when a pharmacist buddy recommended a chiropractor. Coyle didn’t know what that was about, but if it could help with the pain, he was willing to check it out.

“He said he thought he would be able to help me, and about two months later not only was I being helped, but I was able to get off some of my asthma medication,” said Coyle. “I asked my chiropractor about that, and he said that a lot of his patients say that their asthma gets better after getting adjustments.”

That was all he needed. Coyle graduated from chiropractic school and he and Rose were off to Illinois. In 2011, while working at his clinic, Coyle realized that he couldn’t really do all he wanted to help patients unless he went back and finished his NP degree.

“My practice was trying to be more of a niche market for herniated disks in the lower back,” explained Coyle. “In doing so, we would get patients that were so severely injured, there was no way as a chiropractor, that I could help them. I would have to send them off for a referral for some pain medicine or muscle relaxers. But then I would never see them again.”

After getting his NP, he would be able to treat it with non-narcotics as well as manipulation and treatment.

The Coyles were ready to get out of Illinois, but they had agreed they would wait until after their sons graduated from high school. 

“After they graduated, we sold the practice,” said Coyle. “Basically within 45 days, we sold the practice and the house and we were on the road. We were jobless and homeless.”

They began cruising around doing job interviews and seeing the country when, out of the blue, Dr. Allen Stout called them and invited them to Bullhead City for an interview. A couple of weeks later while preparing for an interview in Portland, Oregon, the devoutly religious couple had a spiritual moment.

“We went to this little sandwich shop in downtown Portland before the interview,” said Rose. “I get up and I had a spiritual experience. We had been doing a lot of praying on this. I came out and told Terry there’s no reason to do this interview. We need to call Dr. Stout, we need to go pack our hotel room and cancel the other appointments you have scheduled. And go back to Bullhead. That’s what we did.”

Coyle’s focus is now non-narcotic interventional pain management. “It’s pain medicine minus the narcotics,” said Coyle.

He can treat patients with joint injections, epidurals, PRP injections and traditional chiropractic methods.

“It’s just a wonderful combination,” said Coyle. “Medicine is not the cure all. The medicine allows your brain to either not feel it or react to it so that you can fix the problem. The only way to fix the problem is to physically fix the problem.”

Coyle also specializes in Video Fluroscopy, Carpal Tunnel treament and Hyalgan knee injections.

The Coyles are very active in the community, including the Kiwanis Club of the Colorado River, the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce and with the Caring Hearts Food Ministry at Amazing Grace Fellowship Church.

“Dr. Coyle is here to stay,” added Rose. “He’s not looking for an out plan. He has put down roots and is part of the community.”

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