Colorado Belle

The Colorado Belle Casino Resort will remain closed indefinitely, owners Golden Entertainment announced Monday.

LAUGHLIN — The iconic Colorado Belle, part of Laughlin’s landscape for more than 30 years, will remain closed for the foreseeable future — likely remaining closed after the township’s other gaming properties reopen.

Golden Entertainment, owner of the Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino Resort, on Monday confirmed that it has extended the layoffs of the property’s 400 employees “indefinitely.”

Golden also owns the Aquarius Casino Resort and Edgewater Casino Resort in Laughlin. Monday’s announcement doesn’t directly affect either the Aquarius or the Edgewater, though Golden said that Colorado Belle employees could be considered for openings at its other properties, both in Laughlin and elsewhere.

The future of the Belle remains in doubt.

“Once we are allowed to open our other Nevada properties, we will have a better sense of the open positions available across the company,” Charles Protell, president and chief financial officer of Golden Entertainment, said in an email. “Future plans for the Colorado Belle will be highly dependent on the business volume at our other Laughlin properties and the Laughlin market in general. The significant economic impact from the governor’s ordered closure of our industry and continued uncertainty of when we will be allowed to fully resume operations has caused us to make the difficult decision to extend layoffs indefinitely for approximately 400 team members at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin.”

“Guests with reservations at the Colorado Belle will be accommodated at the Aquarius or the Edgewater, which won’t be affected by the Colorado Belle closure. The company is taking reservations at those properties.”

In a letter to employees late last week, Katherine Roden, vice president of human resources for Golden, said, “As we begin moving into this next phase of our operations, we anticipate reduced business levels which will last for an unknown period of time. Due to these challenging circumstances, the company has no current plans to reopen the Colorado Belle property and the layoffs currently in place will extend indefinitely.”

Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered Nevada’s casinos to close as part of a March 17 decree for the state’s efforts to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Belle employees were notified April 3 of original layoffs.

In a statement, Protell said, “We will continue benefits coverage for affected team members through May and will try to place these team members with our other properties that may have open positions. This decision has not been made lightly, but unfortunately we see this as our only recourse to mitigate ongoing expenses and anticipated reduced business levels while facing competitive pressures from neighboring states allowing their casinos to reopen.”

The Colorado Belle opened July 1, 1987. Then valued at about $80 million, the 600-foot-long, six-deck hotel and casino was styled as a replica of a 19th century paddlewheel riverboat. The property has more than 1,100 hotel rooms, 65,000 square feet of casino space with hundreds of slot machines and 16 gaming tables, two restaurants, a lounge and a sports bar.

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Desert Bat

so there goes the Pints bar and accompanying food outlet there? Best bison burgers this side of the Black Hills, used to have the only pizza that would keep almost forever.


Pizza that "keeps forever" sounds like its filled with preservatives that likely cause cancer.


You can buy ground bison meat at Safeway in Mojave Valley. That's where The Belle got theirs. Ha.

Desert Bat

alright, what about those killer giant fries? Don't spoil that, too!


That is disappointing. I too miss the Pints Brewery and restaurant although the menu has changed over the years, (Kabobs; and Tuna strips with wasabi sauce" ?

My vacation is getting pushed further and further into the future...….


You are basing a return to casinos in Laughlin on the Colorado Belle? I have visited Laughlin at least 50 times since 1994 and the last time I walked into that place was 1996 or so and bought a giant schooner filled with margaritas that has an alligator on the side. So it was a slightly memorable visit but certainly never got me back although I drove past 100+ times going to and from Golden Nugget. I


No, I'm not delaying my next trip to Laughlin entirely on the closing of the Belle however it is disheartening as I always found that in return for the money spent it was always a great value. (I am very tempted to leave home tonight to return to Laughlin) However, because of the current Covid 19 crises I am going to wait; of course personal feelings and politics could shift my plans at a moments notice????


I am another who will miss the brewery in Pints.


When your Governor FINALLY takes his SANITY pill ...What business will he have left to govern? Wisconsin misses their Bullhead Laughlin neighbors.


I am going to miss the memory of many 1988 highschool dates there.


Unless you were 21 while in high school you should have been barred from the casino.


That made me smile. :-)


This is heartbreaking.


Sorry to hear of the closure. We've been going to the Belle for years. They had the best poker room in Laughlin, until it closed last summer; barely playable-enough-to-get-comped video poker; and also Pints, with good beer even if otherwise it was sort of a mixed bag. If they were to close one place in Laughlin, that would be the Belle. It was about 80% closed already.

We had shifted our poker trips back to "off-strip" Las Vegas even before the pandemic, but now it's hard to imagine casino poker coming back in any recognizable form any time soon. We have an offer from another Laughlin property, but it's good until November so there's no hurry.

Best wishes to all affected by the closures, both temporary and permanent.


Too bad I could not make a "futures" bet on casinos in Laughlin to close because of this flu season being abnormally lethal and the economy being CLOSED for two months. As a reminder I predicted the following properties to close and likely never re-open: Pioneer, Colorado Belle, Edgewater, and the hotel just south of Golden Nugget whatever it's now named. The following "could" close if the malaise lasts more than 12 months: Trop (Ramada Express) and maybe even.......Harrahs. Wow that would be a big one. Riverside, Aquarius (Flamingo) and Golden Nugget will survive and become more profitable because of less competition.


Had gone to the Laughlin River Run 96, 97,98 and finally 2002 . Just like Reno's Street Vibrations the run went to hell .. A $39.95 a night room to $200 a night BS !

Then to travel through Laughlin in 2015 man I couldn't believe how run down the area was.

Maybe things would turn around if they wouldn't gouge people so bad !! ?


The hotel/casinos set room rates based on demand.....period. That's why I never go during any sort of "event" and always go sometime in December when (1) The weather is always great and (2) I have never paid more that $49 a night for a very nice courtyard or riverfront room at Golden Nugget.


its communist Chinese falt. and now thretning us with war.


Yeah I don't get why they just couldn't keep the bottom level open for the slots, brewery and restaurants. Keep the top part closed. Win win.


Not surprised by this. The casino is falling into the river if you look from the riverwalk. Also Golden entertainment stated back in October/November that they had fully planned on shutting down the bell due to costs to repair too high. They had stated that the inspector that reviewed the property before they purchased it did not do a full inspection, leaving damage out which would have stopped them from completing the purchase.


" casino is falling into the river?" Too bad Steve Wynn doesnt own it because he would make a big event out of launching some sort of "gunboat" up near the Dam and sending it downstream to blow the Belle out of the water! that would have been awesome. I really miss good ol' Steve...........and I still stay at Golden Nugget, his pride and joy of little Laughlin!

The Don

This Casino will be missed, as a local I enjoyed relaxing there on the weekends and listening to one of the "garage" bands playing outside.

The Salmon

It is a total bummer. If I could I would buy the property! Perhaps Golden Gaming needs someone to operate the property instead of just leaving it sit there. I'm truly hoping they leave the sign on so there's just not a black hole on Casino Boulevard


It seems fitting that the casino industry is taking a hard hit during the Trump presidency. :-(


Nothing to do with Trump. Thanks to him the economy will roar back within months. Problem is that the casinos don't, except Don Laughlins, put money back into the property.


Has Riverside replaced their HVAC yet? Last time I was there the cig smoke smell was horrible.


"casino industry is taking a hard hit during the Trump presidency?" A VERY misleading statement because this "event" was 100% out of the control of ANY President, and exacerbated and mostly caused by so-called scientists with computer "models" that convince POTUS that two million Americans were "likely" to die from this never seen before virus. Had had zero choice to do anything other than shut down the economy for at least 30 days. And when it became apparent the "models" were pure fantasy garbage and he wanted to re=open, who fought this? Correct, the same scientists and "geniuses" like Doc Faucy along with a;; the Dems because their most important duty is getting Trump whatever it takes.

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