Due to the COVID-19 crisis, meat can be hard to find some days at Best Buy Market Carniceria Mexico on Hancock Road. Store owner Jose Sanchez said customers ate stocking up on beef, beans and rice.

BULLHEAD CITY — While big-box corporate stores throughout Mohave County end up with empty shelves within hours after stocking them, Jose Sanchez has experienced fewer such incidents.

That doesn’t mean his Best Buy Market Carniceria Mexico in Bullhead City hasn’t seen its share of panicked customers.

“It’s crazy sometimes,” said Sanchez, owner of the grocery on Hancock Road that’s open from 8 a.m. to about 8:30 p.m. seven days per week. “Shoppers here are buying lots of meat — beef and pork.”

Although he hasn’t needed to hire more employees within the last few weeks, Sanchez said additional deliveries have been necessary to stock popular products such as beans and rice.

“Shoppers are also buying lots of soup and pasta,” Sanchez said, noting there has been considerable foot traffic at the business recently.

In turn, the store remains open beyond its regular nightly hours as needed, he said.

“Customers come here often at night. If they’re at the door when I’m ready to close, I let them in,” added Sanchez.

At day’s end, a lot of cleaning, sweeping and mopping is necessary and done often.

Chicken is an additional luxury Carniceria Mexico has ordered more of this month, according to Sanchez. Delivery drivers and suppliers are striving to keep plenty of poultry available, along with high-demand rice and bags of beans.

“We’re in the middle of four large deliveries within two weeks,” he explained.

Which products are all but impossible to find on his shelves? Hand sanitizer and liquid soap.

“Just like those other stores,” Sanchez said while shaking his head.

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There are no beans, rice or beef in major stores unless you get there super early. Quite frankly, I didn’t know that this store existed until now, so hopefully customers will get what supplies they want and the owners can now keep up with the demand now that others are aware of their location and supply.


Do you have Carnitas ever?


Someone just bought out their entire meat section. One couple and I cannot believe they allowed this. Now the couple, who boasted on social media about it, is stating they’re getting death threats? This could have been avoided if the store owner and the couple had been reasonable. It’s appalling!

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