BULLHEAD CITY — Eleven cases of COVID-19 in the Bullhead City service area were among 17 new cases of the disease reported Wednesday by the Mohave County Department of Public Health.

The health department, in its daily update, said that two more deaths have been attributed to the novel coronavirus, raising the county’s total to 40. One of the deaths was of a person over the age of 90, the fourth death linked to COVID-19 in the Bullhead City area. The other death was of a patient between the ages of 50-59 in the Kingman service area, the 29th death reported there. There have been seven deaths in the Lake Havasu City service area.

The county health department said “some” of the new cases reported Wednesday were “linked to a long-term care facility.” Watermark Retirement Communities of Tucson, owner and operator of Joshua Springs Senior Living in Bullhead City, confirmed Tuesday that at least 13 residents and five staff members had tested positive for the disease. The county did not say how many of Wednesday’s new cases were from Joshua Springs or from any other long-term care facility in the county.

The new cases in Bullhead City include one in the 30-39 age group, one 40-49, two 60-69, three 70-79, three 80-89 and one age 90 or older. Eight have been linked to a previous positive case; source investigation is pending on three cases.

Two new cases in Kingman were identified as one in the 19-29 age group and one 60-69. Both have been linked to a previous case.

Three new cases in Lake Havasu City are 30-39, 40-49 and 80-89. The two younger patients have been linked to a previous case; the investigation is underway for the elderly patient.

There have been 213 cases in Kingman, 64 in Lake Havasu City, 59 in Bullhead City and nine in North County.

The health department said Wednesday that it has tracked results of 4,861 tests, including 157 tests with results pending. With 345 confirmed cases, the county’s positive-test rate is around 7.1%, slightly above the statewide average of 6.6%, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The mortality rate in Mohave County remains alarmingly high, at more than 11%; the statewide mortality rate of positive cases is 4.8%.

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Here's a "novel" thought. How about the Health Dept, simply stop reporting all deaths over the age of age of 80 because these skew the overall COVID numbers. Most physicians without an agenda have admitted privately that there is a 90% chance that these deaths were NOT caused by COVID, but the underlying condition. In other words, the "official" cause of death should not have attributed to COVID-19 even if the patient tested positive for it because a lot of those folks had no COVID symptoms.


If someone's health is stable -- if they aren't in an ICU unit because of their underlying condition, and they contract Covid and wind up in the hospital, then Covid is the reason they died. Pretty easily understood, actually.


"mortality rate in Mohave County remains alarmingly high, at more than 11%?" that alone is proof that that at least in Mojave County the "COVID' deaths are overstated. Many statiticians are increasingly stating that the more resting that is done regarding current infections and especially anti-body tests showing prior COVID infection will likely generate a final analysis that the overall COVID mortality rate in the U.S. will range from .005 to .001.


Actually "resting" wont affect the numbers but "testing" will. HaHA

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