KINGMAN — The Mohave County Health Department on Sunday reported 32 new confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The total number of positive cases since the start of the outbreak in Mohave County is 1,033.  

Seven of the 32 cases are in the Bullhead City service area. The Lake Havasu City service area was the site of 15 new confirmed cases and the Kingman service area was the location of 10 new confirmed cases.

Of the seven new cases in the Bullhead City area, six were under investigation. Three are in people ages 20-29, two are ages 50-59, one is age 70-79. 

The final Bullhead City area case is in someone age 40-49 who is recovering at home and linked to another case.

Of the 15 latest Lake Havasu City area cases, three people are hospitalized and the cases were under investigation. One is in a person age 30-39, one is age 70-79, and the remaining one is age 80-89. 

Of the other 12 Lake Havasu City area cases, 11 were under investigation. One of those cases is in a person age 11-19, one is age 20-29, three are ages 30-39, four are ages 60-69, one is age 70-79, and one is age 80-89. 

The final Lake Havasu City area case is in someone age 20-29 who is recovering at home and linked to another case.

Of the 10 Kingman area cases, nine still were under investigation. One is in someone age 11-19, two are ages 30-39, three are ages 40-49, two are ages 60-69, and one is age 70-79. 

The final case in the Kingman area is in a person age 10 or younger who is recovering at home and linked to another case.

The Bullhead City area continues to have the largest number of cases in the county with 468 confirmed, including 25 deaths, since the outbreak began.

There have been 311 confirmed cases in the Kingman area, including 43 deaths and 225 confirmed cases in the Lake Havasu City area, including 12 deaths.

In a group of smaller communities that includes Beaver Dam, Colorado City and Littlefield, and labelled as “North County” there have been 29 confirmed cases. 

Other statistics provided by county health about this overall outbreak: 

The average age of all people in Mohave County who have confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 51 years old. The average age of people who have died as a result of the virus in Mohave County is 78.8.

County health officials also have reported that 348 people in Mohave County have recovered from COVID-19. That number will be updated in the county’s next daily report, which comes out late today.

Because the number of confirmed cases has increased dramatically, county health officials again are stressing the importance of practicing social distancing and wearing masks in public among people of all ages. They also advise people to always wash their hands when returning to their office or home. 

“Things might seem more normal now, but we’re simply not there yet. Please be alert and be safe,” the county’s daily reported added.

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Michael 777

The real number of people that have Covid-19 iis at least double the reported numbers .Many people aren't getting tested and have mild symptoms. Bullhead City is now on course for well over a thousand cases within the next few months.


Toby Cotter, close Davis camp and the community park beaches if you want to slow the spread of the virus. It is reckless to keep them open at this time. There is a reason AZ is experiencing and increase in cases, these people packing the beaches does not help!


What does normal look like, cases continue to increase & let’s see what we look like after the holiday weekend without mandatory mask!!! Who wants to bet on total new cases?


The "number of cases" is a meaningless number and here's why. There is no way to accurately calculate this number because there are a lot of people that never have symptoms (or very minor) and get over it in a few days. S ythat means an under count right? Wrong because the "contact tracing" is allowing the govt. to count every "contact" with a positive case as a "probable positive" and that is added to the total number of "new cases" whether or not that person ever gets a test. So the toal number could be hundreds of thousands high OR low and who really cares? the number of deaths is the real number that should be accurately reported and so far it keeps going DOWN as a % of cases and is now in line with the REGULAR flu. So this entire PANIC is just that............a PANIC. So stiop it and go on about your business or your school or sports while protecting those folks over 65 and in bad health especially those in nursing homes and assisted living that by the way account for at least 40% of the deaths so far anyway!


When is Mohave County going to have free public testing for Covid 19??

Let’s ask Trump’s buddy Gov. Ducey why the Trump adm. is holding up 14 billion Congress has passed for testing.

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