COVID-19 update

BULLHEAD CITY — The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Mohave County and Bullhead City continued to spiral on Wednesday.

The Mohave County Department of Public Health said it was notified of 101 new cases in the county, 66 in the Bullhead City service area.

Wednesday’s report also included two deaths, including that of a person in the 50-59 age group in Bullhead City. The other death, of a person age 80-89, came from the Kingman service area.

The 101 new cases serves as a single-day high for Mohave County and came on the heels of a report of a then-record 87 cases reported on Tuesday. There have been 1,244 cases confirmed in the county with a total of 83 deaths blamed on the novel coronavirus.

The Bullhead City service area, which includes Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Topock/Golden Shores and Fort Mojave Indian Tribe land in Arizona, has been the location of 613 cases and 26 deaths. There have been 323 cases and 44 deaths in the Kingman service area, 277 cases and 13 deaths in the Lake Havasu City service area and 31 cases and no deaths in North County, which includes Colorado City, Beaver Dam and Littlefield.

Forty of the 66 new Bullhead City cases remain under investigation as health officials try to determine the source of the infections. Twenty-five other cases have been linked to one or more previously reported positive cases. The other newly reported case is that of the patient who died; that case had not been previously reported to health officials.

Of the cases under investigation, four are age 11-19, 11 are 20-29, four are 30-39, seven are 40-49, eight are 50-59, one is 60-69 and five are 70-79.

Cases linked to previously reported cases include one 11-19, one 20-29, four 30-39, four 40-49, six 50-59, three 60-69, three 70-79 and three 80-89.

There were 27 new cases reported in the Lake Havasu City area with 26 under investigation. One patient, age 20-29, has been linked to a previously reported case. The others are three age 11-19, seven age 20-29, three age 30-39, two age 40-49, one age 50-59, five age 60-69, two age 70-79 and three age 80-89.

The eight new cases in Kingman include the person who died. One, age 40-49, is hospitalized. The others are one age 20-29, two age 30-39, two age 50-59 and one age 60-69. Investigations are underway one four cases; the others have been linked to previous cases.

Arizona health officials reported 4,878 new confirmed cases on Wednesday with 88 deaths — the most in a single-day report from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

ADHS has confirmed 84,092 cases and 1,720 COVID-19-related deaths in the state.

According to the ADHS statistics, the department received results on 20,151 tests on Wednesday with 24% returning positive.

The virus in the U.S. is blamed for more than 2.6 million confirmed cases and over 127,000 deaths, the highest toll in the world, by Johns Hopkins’ count. Worldwide, the number of infections is put at more than 10.6 million, with over a half-million deaths.

For most people, the virus cause s mild or moderate symptoms for two to three weeks. The vast majority recover. Older adults and people with existing health problems can face severe illness and death.

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Michael 777

Just think about all of the people that have Covid-19 but haven't been tested? It's at least three or four times the numbers being reported.


Right and wrong Mike777. There are and were a lot of people that have or had CVOID and had no or very minor symptoms and got over it and were never tested. So what? That's the same thing as a guy with the "regular" flu getting it and getting over it and the doctor asking him to take a test to see if he had it. How stupid would that be? And as far as the "three or four times" cases as being reported, that is likely incorrect as "contact tracing" has lead to an over count of cases because for every one person that tests positive with five "contacts" that now equals SIX new cases unless those five people are tested and they are negative. They dont test and they are "assumed" to be positive. Again, that's just sill and not "science" at all. It's called keep everyone scared to death and "GET Trump". (And for the record I did not and would not vote for him).


Here we go, was @ Walmart where mask are mandatory, people were going off on employees & completely abusing the employees who are only doing there job. I think a police officer needs to be on site before someone gets hurt!! Don’t people have any common sense anymore, they act like this virus is a personal affront on there rights, rights have nothing to do with the attack of the virus, again it does not care about race, gender or age, if it wants you it’s going to get you!! Prevention is the best medicine, so do the county a favor & just do whats right!!!


Yeah Walmart employees are getting the worst from people. The BHC community have ripped them apart as if they are in charge of policy decisions. Sadly most employees don't even meet corporate or have any say so, they get told what to do and have to do it to keep their jobs. Then you have the community ripping them apart for upper level decisions of people the employees have never met, and that's sad. I see a lot of entitlement and expectation of free stuff from this community, I see customers bash employees with the reason "I'm a paying customer so I own you" type mentality. A lot of people pull their masks down to talk to you, and if you even try to take steps back to social distance, they will step forward. It's unfortunate that the government needs to tell the community what to do as they can't make correct decisions for themselves and others. Then everyone blaming Trump (all anyone does for their problems) it's like when did people start expecting the federal government to come in and fix all their problems? I see Trump blamed way more than state and local government, easy way out I guess instead of blaming yourself since that's what people should be doing as THEY spread this virus, they continue to not listen and wear masks down to their neck, and when they NEED/WANT something, social distance goes out the door until their needs/wants are met. Don't blame Trump, YOU did this, YOU continue not to listen, YOU continue to choose convenance over safety, and Trump can't fix stupid and all the rest of your issues. I've never seen a community so mean to others, so entitled, so expecting of everyone else to fix their lives except themselves. Even the few doctors we have here want to leave because how mean the community is, they are just awful and entitled. You aren't kings/queens, you are just people that make poor decisions.


Please wear a mask so that at least we have a chance to live. This is a serious situation.


When we are given statistics they mean nothing unless we are given something to compare them against. For example today if there was 50 cases of the measles in Bullhead City, it would be reported as an epidemic, and they would quarantine everyone. I went to elementary school in the late 50s and early 60s everyone got the measles and chicken pox, I never heard of anyone dying from either. Our moms would keep us in our bedrooms with the curtains closed if we had the measles, and for the Chicken pox our moms would cover each pox with calamine lotion which was pink for a week until they healed. So please give us something to compare it to like humans cases of the flu have been reported in the same time frame. Otherwise the reporting in useless and only scares people.

Kenn Stark

If you are a Trumper...then you should already have your answer to your confusion!


We need to keep in mind that these 66 cases are the direct result of Trump politicizing the mask issue, Governor Ducey refusing to allow local governments to impose mask requirements, and Mayor Brady's decision not to impose a mask requirement when Ducey finally relented. Sadly, we need another shutdown now, because that is the only way to get the virus down to manageable levels where testing and contract tracing can be done effectively enough to hold the virus at bay. We've lost three months, and tens of thousands of lives, thanks to the failure of GOP leadership --- and we'll probably lose at least three more months and tens of thousands of lives before there is any chance we'll get things under control,


We now have over 130,000 dead Americans. I can't help but wonder how many lives might have been saved if the Trump administration had acted more quickly to contain this virus. Although Trump and Pence have now given lip service to the importance of wearing masks, they're continuing with their plans to host fireworks at Mt. Rushmore and they are not requiring participants to wear masks.


The flu has killed 125,000 folks. OK, sucks for all of them and their families. So what are your feelings about the hundreds of thousands of folks that have died from the flu in the past decade? Nothing at all unless one of them was related to you right? This entire situation is media and govt. driven pure and simple. Don;t believe me? Then look at the coverage on youtube of the Swine Flu of 2008-2009 or whenever that was. Very similar reporting from health experts but VERY different media coverage and political reaction from the party not in power. Barry handled everything perfectly right? Wrong and not any better than Orange Man Bad.


Ahhh, and allowing protests for George Floyd everywhere isn't political use of the virus? Double standard there and purely for political purposes. Thanks Democrats for your staunch integrity in these times.


What are the total number of ACTIVE cases? Not the total since March when the world turned upside down. That's the only number we get. I know that as of Monday (after looking at a couple different sites, AZ Dept of Health and this newpaper), there were roughly 550 active cases in the county. 550 of almost 213,000 people (googled information). Total cases means nothing to me. Give me ACTIVE cases. That won't be displayed because roughly 600 active cases doesn't create the same panic as 1,200+ confirmed positive cases.


I agree. We always get the "total" number of confirmed cases. Well that's but one number. The only number I care about right now, is how many are under "active" symptoms. That gives me a much better read as to who or how many folks are out in BHC walking around with infection potential.


When the total number of CASES in the U.S. gets to about 180 million that will be awesome because that's about when "herd immunity" will wipe out this virus.

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