BULLHEAD CITY — The Mohave County Department of Public Health reported nine new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday.

There were no additional deaths reported.

The county health department said there were five new cases in the Lake Havasu City service area, two in the Bullhead City service area and two in the Kingman service area.

The Bullhead City cases, both under investigation, are a person in their 20s and a person in their 60s.

Both of the Kingman cases involved persons in their 40s. Both are under investigation.

The Havasu cases were one person in their 20s, one in their 30s and three in their 70s. The youngest patient is recovering at home and has been linked to a previously reported case. The others are under investigation.

There have been 3,720 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 205 deaths in the county, according to the health department.

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Of these cases of Covid being reported how many actually have to be Hospitalized ??


Zero and I'll be willing to bet NONE of them are even sick. This PanicDemic has changed to a ScamDemic FOR REAL now. 96% of deaths attributed to COVID were not CAUSED by COVID. It was the heart issue, lung issue, diabletes, etc. that SHOULD have been noted as the "Cause" of death. Some of the people had not even tested positive for COVID but were "Assumed" to be positive because of "symptoms". You know, the SAME symptoms as the common flu.


Come on people, look at the Data & follow the science. Dr. Fauci has more experience in this field than just a guy off the street. If you really want this country to get back to normal WEAR A MASK.


Fauci has given out conflicting and changing "advice" since DAY 1. And what makes him THE expert on this anyway? He could not even find a vaccine for AIDS 30 years ago. Dude is just another political TOOL for the socialists/liberals and Orange Man Bad should have replaced him 5 months ago. there are at least 100 doctors/scientists in the U.S. more knowledgeable than Fauci on viruses.

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