BULLHEAD CITY — Forty-one new confirmed cases in the Bullhead City service area were among 85 new COVID-19 cases reported Thursday by the Mohave County Department of Public Health.

The new cases raised Bullhead City’s total of confirmed cases to 1,025. The county’s total rose to 2,169.

The county also reported 27 new cases in the Lake Havasu City service area and 17 in the Kingman service area.

There have been 653 cases in the Lake Havasu City service area, 451 in the Kingman service area and 38 in the North County service area.

No new deaths were reported Thursday, leaving the total at 96 in the county, 46 in Kingman, 36 in Bullhead City and 14 in Lake Havasu City.

The new cases in Bullhead City include 26 under investigation to determine the source of the infection and 15 recovering at home and linked to one or more previously confirmed cases.

The demographics for the latest cases are four age 11-19, nine age 20-29, eight age 30-39, six age 40-49, seven age 50-59, five age 60-69, one age 70-79 and one age 80-89.

All but one of Lake Havasu City’s new cases are under investigation for the infection source; only one case, of a person age 60-69, has been linked to a previously confirmed case.

The others are three 11-19, four 20-29, four 30-39, three 40-49, 10 50-59 and two 60-69.

One of the new Kingman cases, of a person age 70-79, is confirmed to be hospitalized, the county health department said. Two cases, both 40-49, are linked to another case.

The remaining Kingman cases are under investigation and include one 11-19, one 20-29, two 30-39, five 40-49, two 60-69, two 70-79 and one 80-89.

The county health department has closed 581 cases that it considers recovered.

“It is vital that people continue to practice social distancing and wear masks in public,” said a news release from the health department. “Always wash your hands when returning to your office or home.”

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I have to wonder if the health department reads any research about masks. During Laura Ingraham’s July 16th broadcast she cited two studies about masks. One was a 2015 study in British Medical Journal using 1600 healthcare workers, comparing cloth & medical masks. Rates of infection were 97% in cloth masks vs 44% in medical masks. The other study was conducted in April 2020 in a lab setting with 1100 people who were infected with corona virus or influenza. The study is cited in May 27 Nature. It was found that viral shed was undetectable in the majority of the participants. Remember the participants were infected. Wearing masks, especially cloth masks, does nothing to prevent the spread. Social distancing and washing hands are helpful though.

Facts > Fear and let’s get on with our lives.

Arizona Drifter

Maybe someday masts will be banned including hospitals, operating rooms and dental offices. Talk about a perfect world.


Mask It




Facts > Fear. Read the info about masks otherwise you remain ignorant & appear quite foolish


Wear a mask if that makes you feel better, but I’m going to continue to follow studies and organizations, such as the Association of Physicians and Surgeons, who present facts about mask wearing. Further quit trying to impose your fear upon the rest of us, I haven’t worn a mask since this plandemic started, I’m in the vulnerable category & I’m still here. Oh I read that Family Dollar and Dollar Tree will not require masks so they will now get my business & not Wal Mart.

dennis scholl

ChrisY I wouldn't believe anything I heard from Laura Ingram or any of those talking heads on Fox NEWS. Wear a mask


Dennis, the articles have been posted. I suggest that you read them that way you don’t look so foolish


Mask It



dennis scholl

I don't feel foolish I don't watch Fox News


I don’t watch Fox news either, but I do listen to some who are on Fox News, then I verify their information. It would behoove you to read some articles & learn about what is occurring. I bet you didn’t know that from 6/15-7/17 the Connecticut DPH had 144 positive tests. Subsequently it was discovered that 90 of those tests were false positives.A whooping 63% of the tests were wrong. The AP rant this story.


The world is full of people who took a chance and are now infected or dead. Many of those thought the same thing as you ChrisY. Wearing a mask is harmless if worn correctly. The point is not that it's supposed to protect you from the virus. The point is that it helps to protect others around you from you should you happen to be asymptomatic and have the virus. Many do not know they have been infected until after they have spread the virus to others. Since the mask mandate has gone into effect the daily cases in Arizona have been cut by more than half. I'm in the group of people it's most dangerous for and I and most other people will go out of their way to avoid people like you and it's unfair of you to put the rest of us at risk because you read a couple articles. There are 10 times as many articles out there that dispute your articles. The numbers don't lie. Masks are working and you're a fool if you can't see that.


Lost, fearful people such as you should simply stay away from those of us who do not wear masks. Problem solved. I read studies & don’t simply listen to these ignorant talking heads on TV. I then come to my own conclusions. Masks do not protect you, if you bother to read the info on the mask box, it even states that. Further buy an oximeter to test your O2 levels while wearing a mask. Mine was low at 86, what’s yours? Further there are some people who are acquiring fungal or bacterial lung infections due to wearing the masks. I have found that it is impossible to enlighten those who wish to remain ignorant, such as yourself, but you do you, I’ll do me. As I have years of scientific training, I’m not concerned as I take the proper steps. Finally, have you been following the number of cases between BHC (weekend closures) & Lake Havasu (freedom), there’s no real difference. Dictator Brady says he follows science too, but it looks like he might have egg on his face.

Arizona Drifter

LostInSpace = The point is not that it's supposed to protect you from the virus. The point is that it helps to protect others.

ChrisY = Masks do not protect you.

Nice to see something is agreeable between the 2 of you.


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