BULLHEAD CITY — Today is the last day for a citywide resolution mandating people wear face coverings while in public to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Council members voted 4-3 against continuing the mandate during their meeting on Tuesday.

Most residents who spoke at the meeting told council members they wanted the requirement to end. The decision brought applause and some cheers from many people at the meeting.

Mayor Tom Brady and Council Members Kathy Bruck and Mark Clark voted to continue the mandate for at least another month.

Council members Steve D’Amico, Tami Ring, Sheila Shutts and Annette Wegmann voted against an extension to the order issued by Brady on June 29 and extended twice.

D’Amico and Wegmann expressed concern about businesses that have been requiring employees to wear the masks throughout their shifts.

Wegmann also said she has been dealing with aggravated allergy effects from wearing masks.

Ring said that while she didn’t believe COVID-19 was a hoax and that she had lost a friend with leukemia after that person contracted the virus, she said the order should end.

“We’re not all sick,” Ring also said. “You are responsible for your own health.”  

Brady said that while he wanted all businesses to re-open as quickly as possible, there were other considerations, such as the well-being of the city’s vulnerable seniors. Masks don’t protect the wearer so much as protect people around the wearer, he said.

The effects of the virus on some people can be serious and long-lasting.

“This whole pandemic is tearing us apart,” he stressed. “I’m afraid if we don’t pull together we might see another spike.”

Brady also explained that he didn’t want to see a repeat of businesses having to close as they did in late June after May re-openings soon were accompanied by a spike in the number of local cases.

Now, the area has fulfilled early state-mandated metrics about case loads. The community is at a point where some businesses that have completely shut down can apply to operate again in a highly limited and controlled manner. 

Two weeks ago, Mad Dog Fitness was the first fitness center to re-open under new rules of operation meant to continue keeping down the spread of COVID-19. 

While the number of local COVID-19 cases has continued dropping, Brady suggested that it would be prudent for people to wear the masks for another month or two.

Not only Bullhead City but also Kingman and Lake Havasu City issued face covering mandates after Gov. Doug Ducey allowed local governments to impose such measures. 

Brady also warned that many places — private businesses — will continue requiring face coverings not only in the city but also in the Tri-state. 

Corporate businesses, such as Walmart, Kohl’s, Safeway and a long list of other national retailers won’t drop such requirements just because it’s no longer a city mandate.

Masks are still to be worn in Nevada and California businesses, including in Laughlin casinos, and Fort Mojave Tribal properties in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Ducey’s mandate still stands in restaurants, bars, gyms and fitness centers.

The same goes for public schools and Mohave Community College.

In other business, the council:

  • Approved Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions Inc,, of Las Vegas, to be the supplier of asphalt emulsion for use in the city’s street maintenance projects during this fiscal year. The low bidder quoted a price of $743,386.
  • Approved the low bid of Precise Builders Inc., of Fort Mohave, to be the contractor for the Senior Nutrition Center rehabilitation project. A Community Development Block Grant of $426,240 and city general fund reserve of $60,276 will go toward the project.
  • Allowed for amendment of the city’s contract with Raftelis Financial Consultants for consulting on the valuation of EPCOR Water Arizona’s local assets as the city seeks to take over the company’s operations within the city limits. Cost will be $67,526 for new work. The city already spent $52,927 on services by Raftelis that will be used for this next valuation process.
  • Authorized the addition to the city’s fee schedule of charging for parking. Focus will be recouping costs associated with special events in the city’s parks. 

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I am wondering about bullhead city community park.if the city is going to take the chain Link fence down,if they are ,it’s a little to late for that.bullhead city killed my mom for not opening the whole park up.if the fence wasn’t there ,she would still be alive.i hate bullhead city and all the people that lives there.i hope that they will loose their funding


You will regret it.


Here we go, hope people will continues to wear mask for another month or so. We don’t want the spread to increase after control is finally getting there. Good luck all store employees who try to enforce, as for myself I won’t give you a problem!!


What a bunch of stupid people. You don't listen to the Science so those are the people that should get the virus. Not the people that are staying home & waiting to go out. Even if there is a vaccine coming it will be a long time before you can get it. So be stupid & don't wear a mask. You will see what the outcome will be.


tigreyes wrote: "You don't listen to the Science?" Please explain EXACTLY what "scientific" study proved that FACE MASKS do a damned thing in protecting against catching this virus? Don'y waste your time looking because there isn't one. This is the exact same "look at the science" BS that the socialists "use" to promote Global Warming, errr Climate Change which once again does NOT exist. It is all based om computer modeling into the future. Look it up.

NANA 5150

Wow really? It's not claiming to keep you from catching it, it's more to protect others. Like people with pre existing conditions and seniors like maybe your parents or grandparent? You couldn't possibly be that selfish. However a little more k pledge before judgement and commenting may be a goid thing for you especially if you want to be taken seriously.

NANA 5150

Just for the sake of argument, what it there's a slight chance you're mistaken? W/o seeing if you have the same computer modeling or proof of conspiracy perhaps some secret access to prove your point of view.

PEOPLE let's please fall on the side of caution.. It won't kill you, but not doing so may kill someone else.


Mayor Brady said: "I’m AFRAID if we don’t pull together we might see another spike.” Guess what sir? Because YOU or any other citizen is AFRAID of something, that doesn't mean OUR civil rights including FREEDOM and LIBERTY to BREATH correctly should be abrogated. Go ahead and keep wearing YOUR mask and I will go ahead and breathe normally.

NANA 5150

It would be then proper for you to breathe normally at home do ad not to disregard the freedom and liberty of those who have the right to be free from unnecessary exposure to to toxic elements via disregard from fellow citizens.


NANA wrote: "it's more to protect others. Like people with pre existing conditions and seniors like maybe your parents or grandparent?" THOSE people should protect THEMSELVES by staying HOME. This entire"your mask is to protect OTHER people" is a load of absolute Bullsh#t. EVERY citizens responsibility is to protect themselves first. And like I have said 10000 times the masks are "window dressing" and very likely accomplish nothing. Staying 10-12 feet away from EVERYBODY is what will keep you safe.


Any business that doesn`t require a mask, will get none from me!

NANA 5150



According to the CDC it is better to wear a mask then a vaccine bc it will be only 70% effective. Listen to the Science.


This is getting silly. If masks are so effective then lets take into account variable change as their are different types of masks. If you are wearing a shirt on your face or bandana, is that what the CDC is talking about? Are they talking about N95 masks which barely anyone has and you silly people think all masks work the same no matter what? What about a tissue paper mask, is it just wear a mask and CDC says it's effective? People of Bullhead don't think beyond the most simple understanding of a statement obviously. Cotton on your face isn't saving nobody.


tigreyes wrote: "According to the CDC it is better to wear a mask then a vaccine" That is the most assinine OPINION on health I have ever read and I can guarantee that 99% of REAL practicing medical doctors would agree. Whoever made this statement on behalf of the "govt. heath dept." should be immediately fired.


While I agree that citizens are responsible for their own health, they are also responsible if their actions affect other. Masks don't protect you, masks can protect others from you. Doesn't the Bible say we are our brother's keeper?

NANA 5150



To Jimbo47: This entire"your mask is to protect OTHER people" is a load of absolute Bullsh#t. EVERY citizens responsibility is to protect themselves first. And like I have said 10000 times the masks are "window dressing" and very likely accomplish nothing. Staying 10-12 feet away from EVERYBODY is what will keep you safe.


Kudos to those 4 council members (cms) who voted for our freedom. Wish this vote had occurred before we voted for the cms as there are two who would not have received my vote. Govt has the responsibility to quarantine sick ppl, but not healthy ones. To those who are fearful, keep your distance from those of us who don't wear masks or stay home. If this virus acts like other viruses, it's going to be with us forever, vaccine or not.

Now when will the city remove those ugly fences and barricades around our beautiful parks?

NANA 5150

Why should we stay home because you are selfish?


Nana, you can choose what course is best for you, & I will choose not to wear a useless mask. If you think my decision is selfish, that is your perspective and your problem. I truly find your ignorance offensive, but you have a right to your beliefs. I recommend that you review Sweden's response to Covid: no masks, no lockdowns, & schools remained open.

Linda rhoutsong

How did your mom die because they wouldn't take the fence down? So sorry to hear this.


I stand with Brady.. what’s another month? We just had Labor Day and now the snowbirds will start arriving.

Most of us on this thread want to continue with the masks. So let’s do that!


Beach wrote: "Most of us on this thread want to continue with the masks. So let’s do that!" Swell then MOST of you go ahead and do whatever you want and let the REST of us freedom and liberty loving AMERICAN citizens do what WE want OK? It is called FREEDOM of individual choice, and NOT "majority rule". Jeezus some of you people don't seem to care at all about your rights an an American. And NO, its not your right to tell us what to do or wear BECAUSE you are afraid to catch a virus. If you are so afraid, stay away from everybody not in your family and you wont catch a darn thing.

NANA 5150

You are a rare find? Why are you so angry? Freedom is not about just doing whatever suits you. That's Anarchy. What are your fears? I'm sure you'll say you have none, but the sheer volume of you anger shows you do. And not because you feel your rights are being violated because your rants clearly support violating the rights of others. "Last time I checked we were United States. It just isn't about rights, it's about responsibility and doing the right thing even if you don't like it to protect all of us. Sacrifice for the well being of others is not a law or aconstitutional liberty. It's higher than that. A moral code. Does a soldier go to war because he wants to die? No just because it's a moral stance to keep things right for the collective good and to allow us the freedom you are exploiting ad a thing to allow anyone justst to do whatever the [censored] they please


Why should we listen to scientist's who are far more educated than the idiot running the country. Our RIGHTS aren't being violated by being told to wear a mask out intelligence is being violated by ignorance.


RUKidding wrote: "Our RIGHTS aren't being violated by being told to wear a mask" No, actually they are. The govt. has no legally mandated valid argument for persons to wear or not wear ANYTHING. A "private" business would have such a "right" similar to "no shirt, no shoes, no service." You sheeple following every "govt. health expert's" proclamations are headed down the path of govt. tyranny which is exactly what the socialist/anarchist mostly elitist white liberals have planned for the country.

NANA 5150

That reply was from a 3 yr. old that picks up any phone unattended.

Sorry about that.


Your TDS has nothing to do with city/state mandates vs listening to "science". This isn't a federal issue obviously. Since you hear "masks work" and seem to think as long as you attach something to your face and wear "a mask" people will be saved, the only ignorance being displayed is your own. Most people have cotton on their faces, you seriously think science says wearing cotton on your face will save lives? When they say masks work they can easily be talking about N95 masks in which no one has here. Go put your bandana back on then, but don't try to make others wear a useless material that can't even stop someone passing gas from instantly penetrating your material. Try putting your cotton/bandana on and having someone spit in your face, let me know if it gets through. You only need a microscopic droplet to get covid.

NANA 5150



Typical socialist/fascist radical liberal snowflake statement re: someone that posts an opinion that does not agree with them. "Ban them because their opinion hurts my feelings". You people are pathetically ignorant of the Constitution.


I really with both the city officials and people reading these articles would do their own research. Believing what politicians or TV tell you is irresponsible. Even "officials" at the CDC have waffled on the subject of masks. Many doctors, nurses and other scientific virologists, etc. have said that masks do not work to protect YOU or anyone else around you. This virus is so miniscule it goes thru almost every mask (and they have all been tested - although most are not FDA approved. If they worked, I would happily wear it - but they don't. Not only do they NOT work, they cause harm to your health by holding bacteria that everyone has and allowing it to build up and cause health issues like lung diseases. How long before we start to see these health issues arise. Holding bacteria in your nostrils for long periods (working) can cause it to cross the blood-brain barrier leading to ner:vous system and brain issues. Wake up people - just because a few "officials think they are good doesn;t mean they are. There are many studies both inside and outside this country that prove they save no one, and can very possibly injure your health instead of helping it. Do your own research and READ everything available before you form an opinion.


People that rely on the CDC or WHO to provide personal health advice are ignorant fools. Both these organizations are primarily political tools with their "opinions" changing frequently based on who is funding their "research".


for those that want to read other information to make an informed decision you can go here https://questioningcovid.com/ (there are also many other sources of information online).


What the U.S. Department of Justice Thinks:

The Department of Justice recently issued a Statement of Interest brief to support a church's lawsuit against a city for Constitution overreach. The brief stated,

There is no pandemic exception, however, to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards. Indeed, “individual rights secured by the Constitution do not disappear during a public health crisis.” These individual rights, including the protections in the Bill of Rights made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, are always in force and restrain government action.

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