BULLHEAD CITY — Forty-nine new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported Thursday by the Mohave County Department of Public Health.

The reported included one death of a person in the 60-69 age group in Lake Havasu City.

Of the other 48 new cases, 25 are in the Bullhead City service area. They include one child age 10 or younger, three age 11-19, four people age 20-29, seven age 30-39, two age 40-49, three age 50-59, two age 60-69, one age 70-79 and two age 80-89. All 25 cases are under investigation.

There were 16 new cases in the Kingamn service area with seven under investigation. Eight of the other cases are recovering at home and have been linked to at least one other previously reported case. The new Kingman cases are one 20-29, one 40-49, three 50-59, five 60-69, four 80-89 and one 90 or older.

All seven new cases in the Lake Havasu City service area are under investigation. They are one 20-29, two 40-49, one 50-59, two 60-69 and one 80-89.

There have been 2,931 confirmed positive cases in Mohave County, 1,359 in the Bullhead City area, 936 in the Lake Havasu City area, 577 in the Kingman area and 59 in North County.

There have been 139 deaths in Mohave County connected to the coronavirus pandemic; 59 of the deaths have been in the Bullhead City area, 51 in the Kingman area and 29 in the Lake Havasu City area. No deaths have been reported in North County.

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I just noticed that FOUR out of "Top Ten" stories in this paper were about the Kung Flu and that is pathetic. Why does this paper have to be OCD about this disease. I'm guessing a lot more people are "sick" of READING about it than actually sick FROM it. Can't you find anything else of local interest to publish? and on that topic why in the world does Mojave Valley need a Morning and Evening edition anyway. From what I read here, one paper a week would be plenty considering the number of "new" stories.


The majority of these covid cases can be traced back to Memorial Day weekend and July 4th. Hundreds of out of towners were not wearing mask or social distancing. Regarding Arizona don’t forget how the governor of Arizona a Trump lapdog overruled both the mayor of Phoenix and Tucson that wanted mandatory mask in May.


The only thing masks really "prevent" is the person wearing them to be able to BREATHE properly. No mask but stay 15 feet away from everybody and nobody gets sick.

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