BULLHEAD CITY — The Mohave County Department of Public Health said that 89 new cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed and also released amended totals after case reviews discovered some reporting inaccuracies.

The new case count Thursday included 46 in the Bullhead City service area, 31 in the Lake Havasu City service area, 10 in the Kingman service area and two in North County.

The county’s amended case count now totals 1,317 confirmed cases — 652 in the Bullhead City service area, 330 in the Kingman service area, 302 in the Lake Havasu City service area and 33 in North County. There have been 83 deaths attributed to COVID-19 with 44 in Kingman, 26 in Bullhead City and 13 in Lake Havasu City.

“Periodically, the Mohave County Department of Public Health staff review case information for accuracy and completeness,” said a news release on Thursday’s situation report. “As a result of a recent review, the case count and respective demographic data will be adjusted slightly to show accurate data.”

The release said “there are a number of reasons for the adjustment, including the removal of cases that did not have a permanent address in Mohave County, reconciliation of cases reported twice or not originally reported, and removal of probable cases.”

According to the health department, the adjustments were made for cases reported during June and are reflected in the new totals.

All 46 new cases in Bullhead City are under investigation by the health department. Nine are known to be recovering at home; five of those are patients age 11 to 19, two are age 20 to 29 and two are age 70-79.

The status of the other 37 new cases was not clear, pending the continuing investigation. They included one person age 11-19, 11 age 20-29 four age 30-39, five age 40-49, six age 50-59, four age 60-69, five are 70-79 and one age 80-89.

Thirty of the 31 new cases in Lake Havasu City is under investigation; the other case has been linked to a previous case and is a person 20-29 recovering at home. The other cases include two age 11-19, five age 20-29, seven age 30-39, three age 40-49, two age 50-59, four age 60-69, five age 70-79 and two age 80-89.

All 10 new cases in Kingman are under investigation. Three are age 20-29, two are age 30-39, two are age 40-49 and three are age 60-69.

Both new North County cases are under investigation. One is age 20-29 and the other is age 40-49.

According to the updated county statistics, the average age of a patient testing positive for COVID-19 in the county is 49.2. The average age of the 83 people who have died from the disease is 78.6.

The largest demographic group of positive tests is in the 20-29 age group (215), followed by the 30-39 age group (206). There have been 112 confirmed cases of patients under the age of 20 with 43 under the age of 10.

The coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms such as fever and cough for most people. But for some — especially older adults and people with existing health problems — it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.

The county health department has reported 11,156 tests conducted with 11.8% returning positive and results pending on 171 tests. The county lists 424 cases that are considered recovered.

The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 3,333 new cases and 37 deaths on Thursday. ADHS also reported that the state’s hospital capacity is at 89%.

There have been 735,496 COVID-19 tests performed in the state with more than 10% returning positive. In recent weeks, the percentage of positive tests has been between 16% and 25% on a daily basis. On Thursday, 24.6% of the 13,511 tests recorded returned positive.

Arizona has seen 87,425 cases and 1,757 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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Wow- Bullhead City is exploding in Covid 19 cases. Not surprising if you witnessed the River activity on Memorial Day with no social distancing or mask. July 4 th ????

Why is it that the state of Arizona has conducted three quarters of a million Covid test and there still is no free public testing in Mohave County. Any comments from our leaders on this???


I would say we need another lockdown, but what would be the point without competent national, state, and local political leadership? We're all just going to have to get used to thousands of people dying every week, hospital staffs constantly strained to the breaking point, bars and restaurants being closed, etc for at least six more months. Which completely sucks for those of us with family in places like New York and New Jersey -- I can't visit because of they've got competent governors who rightfully said that Arizonans have to quarantine themselves for two weeks once they enter, and I can't blame them.


Just watched the news & there is another protest tomorrow at the capital which probably was the start of increase in virus cases. I understand everyone has rights but right now is not the time for large groups to gather. Distancing is not possible & to try to enforce mask & distancing is impossible. Hopefully the protesters will realize this & protest later when & if we get the virus under control & think of there health & safety first.


protests are not the problem. The recent BLM protests took place in Kingman. Most participant wore masks, and did social distance. (the counter-protesting heavily armed white nationalist group across the street did not, however). And Kingman's numbers have been going down since that time.

Meanwhile the only protests in bullhead were a very small group in front of Smith's -- and Bullhead's numbers are exploding.

And the reason why Bullhead's numbers are going crazy is obvious. A month ago, I went to walmart, and only about 1/3 of the shoppers were wearing masks -- because this is a heavily Republican, Fox News watching area, and Trump and Fox News have made wearing a mask a political issue -- rather than the public health issue it actually is.


Masks do not stop the virus. I've not worn one since the beginning of this outbreak, I'm in 'that' age group, & I'm just fine.

12 days after the BLM protests in Phx there was a substantial increase in hospitalizations.

I live in BHC & once we were permitted to open up we saw many out of state folks come here; I suspect that has something to do with our increase. Also don't forget all of the increased testing which is probably the primary cause.

How we approach this issue is not political, it has to do with common sense & choosing not to live in fear.

For the life of me I don't understand why you don't shop at Kingman's Wal Mart if you are so fearful. Am actually a bit surprised that you even venture out of your house.

Wash your hands, turn off the fear mongering news, & enjoy the beautiful area that God has made for us.


Everybody needs to wear mask. If people don't believe this virus then they should go to a hospital & see how these people are suffering & dying. It is no fun to have a tube down your throat & die. People should not be so stupid & let politics get into the way. This is real & we don't have the hospitals to take care of us so people stay home unless you have to go out. There really should be a lock down.


You have to wear mask in WAL MART now. That is a good thing bc my husband works there & he can bring the virus back to me.


I have had 3 test all negative at WARMC and waiting for one more test which I probably won't get till monday because of the holiday..

It doesn't help when we have Invaders from California and no real control in stores or casinos..

The hospital is expecting a big influx of cases coming in after the weekend..

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