KINGMAN — The Mohave County Health Department was notified of two deaths and 45 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday.

Both deaths were of people with previously known cases.

One of the deaths occurred in the Bullhead City service area — a person age 60-69 — as did 24 new confirmed cases.

Of the Bullhead City area cases, eight are recovering at home and are linked to another case. One of the people is age 11-19, one is age 20-29, two are ages 30-39, one is age 40-49, two are ages 50-59, and one is age 60-69.

There are 16 cases in the Bullhead City area that remain under investigation. One of those cases is a youth age 10 or younger, two are ages 20-29, three are ages 30-39, six are ages 50-59, three are ages 60-69, and one is age 70-79.

To date, there have been 420 confirmed cases in the Bullhead City area.

During Thursday’s Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting that focused on COVID-19 matters, Denise Burley, director of the county health department, said the increased number of cases in the Bullhead City service area doesn’t appear to be linked to the reopening of Laughlin resorts or any specific event.

On June 1, the Bullhead City area had only 94 cases and five deaths and was far behind the Kingman area, which had 224 cases and 32 deaths. The county’s total number of cases then was only 403.

Bullhead City’s surge in cases has been thought to be spreading primarily within long-term care facilities, but it since has made its way into the community at large.

Even family gatherings with one or two people carrying the virus can contribute to its spread in the community, Burley said.

The average age of people with positive cases is now 51. Burley pointed out that the average age of sufferers likely would continue decreasing.

Along with Bullhead City, the other part of the county where the number of COVID-19 cases has been on the rise is in the Lake Havasu City area, where a person between age 80-89 died and 20 new confirmed cases were reported Thursday.

Of the 20 Lake Havasu City area cases, 18 remain under investigation. Two of those cases are in people ages 20-29, four are ages 30-39, one is age 40-49, three are ages 50-59, three are ages 60-69, two are ages 70-79, three are ages 80-89.

The final two people with the virus in the Lake Havasu City area are recovering at home and are linked to another case. One is them is age 20-29 ,and the other is age 40-49.

There also was one new confirmed case in the Kingman area: a person age 60-69 who is recovering at home and is linked to another case.

There now are 187 positive confirmed cases in the Lake Havasu City area, including 12 deaths, and 295 cases in Kingman, with a total of 43 deaths there.

While some younger people won’t be severely affected by COVID-19, others will.

“They may have symptoms that far exceed their expectations,” Burley stressed during a discussion with Sup. Buster Johnson that touched on a variety of virus-related issues.

While older people are taking precautions, “younger people aren’t?” Johnson asked.

“Correct,” Burley replied.

In the North County area there were no new cases reported Thursday and the total number remains at 29 cases.

There have been 931 cases and 79 deaths in Mohave County since the outbreak began in March. The county reported earlier this week that 348 people have recovered from the virus.

“There remains the problem of an overall lack of interest in wearing a mask, staying home when sick, and true adherence to social distancing,” the county emphasized in a news release issued Thuesday.

The Mohave County Department of Public Health makes contact with all confirmed cases and encourages self-isolation for 10 days to two weeks, depending on their symptoms and unique work and living situation. Public Health staff then identify the people who have been exposed to the confirmed case (contact tracing) and encourage them to self-isolate until they are past the point of possibly developing the infection. Public Health monitors each confirmed case, and all of their contacts are during their quarantines.

COVID-19 spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Symptoms are thought to appear within two to 14 days after exposure and consist of fever, cough, runny nose, and difficulty breathing. For people with mild illness, individuals are asked to stay home, drink plenty of fluids, and get rest. For people with more severe symptoms, such as shortness of breath, individuals are advised to seek healthcare, using telemedicine where available.

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The county health dept. position that the increase in Covid 19 cases in Bullhead City is not linked to Memorial Day is absurd. Just take a look at the park by the river and you will see very few masks and no social distancing. The city needs to enforce the wearing of mask. Just think what the upcoming 4th of July will be like without some type of enforcement.


There needs to be a mandatory mask wearing in the whole state if you want to stop the spread. B.H.C. had hardly any cases & look at it now 420 cases. Are they waiting for people to die. Stop the spread before it gets out of hand.


Again mandate mask in public, people just don’t get it, & they won’t wear mask unless mandatory. It’s a new way of living until cure or vaccine is found. If people don’t care about their self’s or there family shame on them. Leaders time to do something!!!


Wear the mask:


Please keep posting these daily "body counts" so everyone can make sure and "Stay Scared And Stay Home". But I can tell you the exact day that this all stops for good. When Donald Trump leaves as POTUS. And what a coincidence that will be.


Please make it mandatory that people wear masks when in public. First there was no cases & now look. We don't want to end up like Phoenix. Slow it down while we can.


Why are there no public testing sites in Mohave County for Covid 19 ????

Almost every county in AZ have these sites. Why not Mohave County, especially next to Laughlin.


" Why not Mohave County, especially next to Laughlin?" Are you saying Laughlin is "dangerous" for COVID? If so that's absurd as last time I checked they had around 10 cases and ZERO deaths. Laughlin's about the safest place to be for this virus within 100 miles in every direction.


The focus needs to be on deaths. Not new cases. If we did massive tests on the common cold, it would look like another pandemic.


One commenter wrote: "If we did massive tests on the common cold, it would look like another pandemic." Ironically if you go to the CDC website you'll discover that the coronavirus test is not designed to differentiate between coronaviruses like the comon cold virus, also a coronavirus. Why most only have mild symptoms. Yet they're all counted as increases and a reason to shut down the economy and people once more before the election.


The CDC is on the the scam-demic known as COVID-19. Directives have been given throughout the organization that this health issue will continue until 2022 or the Democrats take control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

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