KINGMAN — Mohave County reported 56 new cases of COVID-19 in the Bullhead City service area alone on Tuesday. 

Overall, there were 87 new cases and one death in the county.

The death was of a person in the Lake Havasu City area who was at least 90 years old. 

Mohave County described the latest daily case total as a “record high.”

There were 25 cases in the Lake Havasu City service area, four in the Kingman service area and two in the North County service area, which includes the communities of Beaver Dam, Colorado City and Littlefield.

Of the 56 new cases in the Bullhead City area, 31 remain under investigation. Nine of those are in people ages 20- 29, four are ages 30-39, four are ages 40-49, six are ages 50-59, three are ages 60-69, three are ages 70-79, one is in a person age 80-89, and one is a person at least age 90. 

The remaining 25 Bullhead City area cases are recovering at home and are linked to another confirmed case. Three of the cases are in people age 10 or younger, one is age 11-19, four are ages 20-29, three are ages 30-39, four are ages 40-49, four are ages 50-59, three are ages 60-69, two are ages 70-79, and one is age 80-89.

Of the 25 Lake Havasu City cases, 21 remain under investigation. One is in a person age 11-19, one is age 20-29, seven are ages 30-39, two are ages 40-49, four are ages 50-59, four are ages 60-69, and two are ages 70-79. 

The remaining four cases are recovering at home and are linked to another case. Three of those are people ages 30-39, and one is age 60- 69. 

Of the four Kingman area cases, two people are recovering at home and linked to another case. One is age 30-39 and the other is age 40-49. The other two cases still are under investigation. Both are people ages 50-59. 

The two North County cases are both under investigation. One is age 11-19 and the other is age 20-29.

There now have been 547 confirmed cases in Bullhead City, including 25 deaths; 250 positive confirmed cases in the Lake Havasu City area, including 13 deaths; 315 in Kingman, with a total of 43 deaths there; and 31 cases in North County.

A total of 81 people in the county have died as a result of COVID-19 and there have been 1,143 positive cases since the outbreak began. However, 424 of these cases were in people who have since recovered, the county reported.  

County health officials continue to stress that people need to practice social distancing, wear masks in public and wash their hands when returning to their office or home. 

Mixed feelings about latest COVID-19 orders as public sector copes with local case surge


The Daily News

BULLHEAD CITY — The number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing rapidly for weeks and Tuesday’s single-day number of cases was described as a record high by the county. 

Arizonans have started wearing face coverings inside all businesses as urged by Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday. The governor’s request took additional teeth locally with an order by Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady mandating face coverings to enter businesses.

Opinions expressed online about the newest restrictions to slow the spread of the virus have been mixed. 

“This makes me extremely happy, as an essential worker and dealing with people all day and ones that refuse to wear a mask really are selfish,” one woman wrote on Facebook about Ducey’s latest orders.

“I will not comply,” a man wrote on the same Mohave Valley Daily News posting.

Ducey also ordered prohibitions on gatherings of at least 50 people and halted issuance of new special event licenses. He ordered that bars, gyms, movie theaters, water parks close, and tubing rentals also will not be allowed.

Unless the governor’s orders are extended, the pauses will end July 27.

There have been reports of people becoming ill from COVID-19 at various businesses, as well as among some who work for city government or Colorado River Schools. The Fort Mohave Indian Tribe on Monday closed the Avi Resort & Casino until July 10, saying on the resort’s website that a few team members had tested positive.

Officials representing the city and schools won’t identify or even report how many of their workers have contracted COVID-19.

“A number of employees have been tested as we are engaged with the public on a daily basis,” said City Manager Toby Cotter. “No city services have been impacted at this time.”

Colorado River Schools wasn’t forthcoming with information either.

“There have been only a handful of cases reported to BCESD and none reported to CRUHSD,” a statement from the K-12 school districts read.  “Those that have been reported have not impacted operations. Because of HIPAA, we can’t share any additional information.”

Some public sector workers aren’t able to do their jobs from home: police officers, fire fighters, emergency dispatchers, child protection and welfare personnel, and park maintenance workers are among those who come to mind. 

“We prepare for emergencies throughout the year,” Cotter also explained. “We have to prepare for an impact if community spread hits a particular department or division of the city.” 

Food service employees continue distributing meals to students attending Colorado River Schools. Some teachers were traveling along with lesson packets delivered to students attending some Bullhead City Elementary School District students.

Ducey also ordered in-person learning for the new school year be postponed until Aug. 17, though distance learning can resume before then. Colorado River Schools were scheduled to start classes on July 29.

(4) comments

Fort Mohave Resident

Wow thanks to our Mayor and City Manager they allowed this deadly virus to infect a large population of Bullhead City. Mayor / City Manager your lack of leadership on doing nothing have allowed the deadly virus to kill to many good people of our town and it's time for you two to be held accountable. Your proclamation is to late you can't fix this now. The virus is to out of control in our town. You were to worried about fatting your pockets from tourist packing the beaches when you should of been worried about the people who looked up to you as being their leader, but you FAILED all of us.


If this order had come after Memorial Day we would not be where we are today!! Early prevention better than after the fact, now look where we are when it could have been prevented!!! Now enforce the rule, hopefully can be done without any problems for front line workers!!


Rivers should of been closed before memorial day. Close lodging to prevent tourists. This is getting out of control.

bill ward

after what we have learned regarding the method of counting cases. colleen county tx. has exposed the truth recommended by cdc . it is dishonest and a betrayal of the the public, if we are not told the truth. how many positive test, how many presumed test, how many antibody test. . if our local officials do tell the truth. and stop scaring folks for political gains you will be exposed on a national level !!

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