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KINGMAN — At the start of the week, there were no confirmed cases of COVID_19 in Mohave County.

By the end of the week, there were at least five.

The Mohave County Department of Public Health officially added two patients to the county’s growing total on Friday. They were identified minimally, due to privacy concerns, as an adult in Lake Havasu City and an adult in Kingman.

Neither was hospitalized. The Lake Havasu City patient was recovering at home; the Kingman patient had completed a self-isolation process.

The health department previously announced one coronavirus patient each in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City. The department said that the two Lake Havasu City cases were related and added that the infection was acquired out of state.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has updated the community transmission level of COVID-19 in Arizona to “widespread.” Widespread transmission indicates that cases have been confirmed in 12 or more counties throughout the state.

“Given widespread transmission, all Arizonans should expect that COVID-19 is circulating in their community,” said Dr. Cara Christ, ADHS director.

Mohave County Public Health Director Denise Burley said “The number one priority of Mohave County is the safety and health of its residents.”

As of Friday, Arizona had confirmed 665 cases in 13 counties. There have been 13 deaths in the state attributed to COVID-19.

“COVID-19 is a serious disease that is highly contagious and can be fatal in anyone, especially our elderly population and people with underlying health conditions,” Christ said. “Protecting those at highest risk of complications and ensuring that our healthcare system is prepared to deal with a surge in cases is our highest priority. It is imperative that everyone takes precautions to protect themselves and their family from this disease.”

Burley said “that we must all work together to minimize the impact of this relentless disease on our family, friends, neighbors, and all residents of our county.”

The best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not

available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Stay home when you are sick.

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then immediately throw the tissue in the trash.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

COVID-19 spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Symptoms are thought to appear within two to 14 days after exposure and consist of fever, cough, runny nose, and difficulty breathing. For people with mild illness, individuals are asked to stay home, drink plenty of fluids, and get rest. For people with more severe symptoms, such as shortness of breath, individuals are advised to seek healthcare.

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Sorry, not taking Covid-19 lightly, but I have to wonder, 2010 N1H1 spread and killed 12,500 Americans, last year/season the common flu killed 34,500 Americans and we average 34,000 deaths every year/season. So why all the hype and fear and shut downs with this Flu? There were none in 2010, there has not been any over the past years/seasons of normal flu, why now? Some how it does not make much sense.


Part of the reason is the lockdown of 11 million people in Wuhan, China that came totally out of the blue. The Huebe Province is well known to be the location of China's biological warefare labs; given those two facts and the Chinese government and military both lie about their covert and illegal (per the Geneva Conventions) research, experimentation and even human trials (without telling people like the Huigars and Tibetans) it's not surprising that our government acted so quickly to ban travelers from China; I'm not a fan of conspiracies but I'm sure the CIA, NSA and military intelligence showed Trump something that alarmed him enough to take an action even members


... of his Cabinet were against.

The other reason is that this particular version of the coronavirus appears to be far more easily spread than other versions, like SARS and far more likely to be fatal to the elderly and those who have chronic illnesses. Given that China has two major population problems - the one child policy started in the 80s has created an entire generation where men out number women by anywhere between 100 to 1 up to 5,000 to 1, depending on how credible the Chinese census is and it's possible that half of their population is made up of


(Sorry! My phone seems to be post happy before I'm done!) aging population that's horribly unbalanced in terms of gender; it would be entirely in line with Mao's philosophy to take action to correct a societal problem that is likely to result in a massive death toll. Unlike Mao's "Great Leap Forward" where draught complicated Mao's attempt at social engineering that inadvertently killed 30-50 million people but the closed policies allowed that fact to be downplayed to the Chinese and hidden from the outside world the Internet, smart phones, trade and China's desire to rule the world means that there's no way to hide a massive death toll in mainly a specific demographic in today's world. And because of the ease of international travel it's inevitable that a virus bioengineered to solve China's population imbalance would escape. Even if this is just a pet project of a geneticist who's a fanatic about Mao's philosophy accidents do happen. It's also equally probable that this is the result of legitimate research into a universal vaccine for the coronavirus family so if a novel coronavirus appears it's not going to be a problem thanks to China's universal vaccine but the virus escaped the laboratory. China isn't going to admit to illegally working with bioweapons and one got loose any more than they'd admit to an accidental release if it has the potential to give the world, especially the West and the United States, another population issue to criticize and condemn the Communist Party leadership for and the logical solution has been a plot device in books and movies since the 50s: put highly infectious people one planes to everywhere in the world and even if China has the bad luck to be the first country with an outbreak the very fact that it's everywhere and China's in the boat with the rest of the world, hopefully it's enough to hide the truth and all things considered it's at least a successful human trial (if the older you are the more likely you'll die is the desired outcome of course). The death toll, as you pointed out, is ridiculously low for the response it's getting. So my money is that COVID-19 accidentally escaped from a test tube and China either secretly'fessed up to the other world leaders or the CIA, MI6, Mossad... whatever spy agency you like, take your pick... told them and Trump, who doesn't play politics, blew the lid off some plan by banning entry to the Chinese.

Regardless of what the origins and original plans for this lovely virus were, it's here and we have to deal with it. Is the response akin to swatting a fly with a nuclear missile? Possibly. But if the world's political, scientific and medical leadership all feel like it's essential to get out the worst case scenario manuscripts, brush them off and skip scenarios 1 through 9 and implement 10 then the governments of the world probably have been told the truth and it's scared them all into panic but they're doing one of the most important duties of any government: preventing the general public from panicking by telling us lies and half truths. Just like individual families, governments have to plan for the absolute worst case scenario but hope for the best one. And just like parents tell children everything is going to be okay, Trump as our "father," may be lying to us like a rug and everything he's doing is supposed to keep people from panicking to the point all society collapses even though it's probably futile and the world really is ending. But would you rather spend the last time you have to live in blissful ignorance with your friends and family? Or would you rather spend the time miserable in the knowledge that your life can be measured in days instead of years? Personally, I'm not worried about COVID-19 turning people into zombies and I'm not stocking up on toilet paper (but I would like to find butter!) since I think this is just a weird example of the spectator effect: China decided to stop COVID-19 with some old scud missiles they had lying around about to expire, Trump saw it and thought he'd better do the same thing. Italy scoffed at the whole thing and when COVID-19 started running amok and causing chaos, Trump felt vindicated and the rest of the world decided that if Trump was doing something then they'd better, too. Very quickly people, who tend to adore groupthink, are storming stores and buying as much toilet paper as they can plus everything else their shopping carts and bank accounts can handle. Which is why Walmart is even out of chitlings, of all the bizarre things but doesn't explain all the unsold ham, especially with Easter around the corner.

Sorry this is so long and in 3 parts but I tried to give you the answer my education and experience in psychology tells me is most likely and why the others are more fantasy than fact.



It reads like your all in on this one

Stay safe


Id have to agree


You're absolutely correct. You would treat this flu like any... The problem is, this strain sleeps inside many folks and when tested, they're found to have it... Many don't get sick at all. Why? They don't have compromised immune systems, they aren't easily susceptible to illness due to age and they take reasonable precautions when around other people and get this... They already know how to keep their hands and surfaces of things they touch, CLEAN. This flu has a name, unlike other influenzas of the past like H1N1 and others that killed a massive amount of people around the world. The common flu killed 80,000 people in the 2018-2019 flu season. The news is the real culprit that created mass hysteria once this flu has a name. Just remember... ALL these "named" flu always occur in a presidential election year. Think about THAT for a minute.


This is NOT the flu. Please stay home and watch the news to better inform yourself!


Kenoj... have you not been listening to comparison to the strain in comparison to seasonal flu ??? 😳 GEEZ


We have a lot of people in this country who wants to make this virus a political issue in hope of making gains in NOV The trouble is we have a plan talking PRESIDENT who seems to be doing a good job and that is upsetting a lot of people on the left.You just need to do what you can to keep you and yours safe and you will be fine for the most part and GOD BLESS, P.S. don't binge watch THE WALKING DEAD IF YOU CAN HELP IT.


Please don’t ignore this disease, this disease can kill any age people once you got infection. It’s 10 times more seriously than flu . It kills 300000 + people in China within 3 months (the China media reported number is fake ), Stay at home and keep away from the virus .(because it can transition easily)


Here’s your answer. Please read.


I have been wondering the same idea as the comment made by kenoj yesterday. Adding to that, every year, 30,000 + people in the U.S. die on our roads. No comparisons are made to that data. It seems that the media has played-up the COVID-19 in such a way that it has the world and especially our country in a panic. I can't help but believe that the panic was originally created as a political move; but the panic got out of control. Too many elected officials would have to shame themselves to admit they were wrong/ it was a conspiracy ( and I'm not including our President in this conspiracy ).


With new cases growing why hasn't the Governor shut down the state? Waiting for Washington will cause more people to get sick and die.


For people that don't understand the hype over this virus vs the flu. The fact that a person can walk around for 2 weeks showing little to no symptoms spreading the virus to every1 they come into contact with making it a invisible enemy! At this time the only thing we have to slow the spread & get ahold of the virus is social distancing! The fact that certain mayors drag their feet dancing around shutting their state down just shows a lack of ability to run the state as needed! In no time our hospitals won't be able ft to except new patients sending people away to die on their own!!! We have people walking around refusing to except their is a crisis going on because they don't know any1 personally that has it makes it even more of a problem!


The difference between Covid-19 and N1H1 is the length of time of illness. Generally, with the flu, it has a 5-7 day symptomatic period, where coved-19 has a 10-30 day symptomatic period.

Nancy Nurse

This disease is much more contagious than those other ones were. A lot of people can have mild symptoms, and get over the disease easily. However, those people can infect other people who are at a high risk for getting deathly ill from the disease. Basically, this disease fills your lungs up with water and you suffocate to death.

Desert Bat

The stimulus bill will give $500 million to the National Endowment Of The Arts, whose normal annual budget is less than $25 million. Looking at the Pelosi/Sanders/ attachments to Trump's already-corproate-friendly giveaways, the American people (but by no means all of them) are left with about 20% of the bill's allotments. Today, Trump has used the term "martial" for measures he is considering. Maybe they should just use the old canard, "Shock & Awe" - you know, when America was attacked as the intelligence community's Hollywood films stated in films like the 1998 "Enemy Of The State", following which the country has robbed you and future generations of $8 trillion to make sure that no more cave boys can ever again do what commercial pilots with 20 years experience state they could never have done.


I was wondering if they ask the people with confirmed cases questions like where have they been and then let the public know.

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