BULLHEAD CITY — COVID-19 has been blamed for four more deaths in the Bullhead City service area, including two people who had not previously been listed as positive cases of the disease, according to the Mohave County Department of Public Health.

Fifteen other new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the Bullhead City service area, among 40 new cases reported countywide, the health department said Monday evening. Seventeen new cases were announced in the Lake Havasu City service area and six were disclosed in the Kingman service area.

The two fatalities that had not been diagnosed previously were elderly patients, one in the 70-79 age range and one 80-89. The other two deaths were among previously reported positive cases and were of a patient age 40-49 and one age 70-79.

The other new cases in Bullhead City include 12 that remain under investigation and three linked to previously reported cases. Cases under investigation include two in the 20-29 age group, three 30-39, four 50-59, one 60-69, one 70-79 and one 80-89. Cases linked to previous positives were one aged 20-29, one 30-39  and one 50-59 with all three reportedly recovering at home, according to the county health department.

Lake Havasu City’s cases include 12 under investigation and five linked to previous cases. The five linked cases, all reportedly recovering at home, are one 20-29, three 50-59 and one 70-79. The other 12 cases are one 20-29, three 30-39, two 40-49, two 50-59, three 60-69 and one 80-89.

Kingman’s new cases include three under investigation — one child 10 or younger, one 20-29 and one 40-49 — and three linked to previous cases — two 20-29 and one 50-59.

The county has tracked 1,436 positive cases with 87 deaths blamed on COVID-19. There have been 709 cases and 30 deaths in the Bullhead City service area, 354 cases and 13 deaths in Lake Havasu City, 340 cases and 44 deaths in Kingman and 33 cases in North County.

The county updated its recovery total on Monday, raising it from 424 to 499.

The Mohave County Department of Public Health makes contact with all confirmed cases and encourages self-isolation for 10 days to two weeks, depending on symptoms and unique work and living situation.

Public health staff then identify the people who have been exposed to the confirmed case (contact tracing) and encourage them to self-isolate until they are past the point of possibly developing the infection. The department monitors each confirmed case and all of their contacts during their quarantines.

The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 3,352 new cases on Monday, raising the state’s total to 101,441. The Department of Health Services said more than 62,000 of the reported cases involve people younger than 44.  There have been 1,810 deaths linked to COVID-19, the ADHS reported, with 116 among patients 44 or younger including eight under the age of 20. A majority — 1,322 — of the deaths have been among patients 65 or older, ADHS said.

Arizona remains high in terms of positive tests and coronavirus hospitalizations. While the test positivity rate nationwide is around 9%, Arizona’s total is around 13.4%, and last week was above 23%. The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients on Sunday was 3,212, a new high, according to state data. Hospital capacity statewide is around 89%, ADHS said.

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The Panopticon

After being called out to Covid Farms in Mohave Valley, Arizona... I was able to observe a large group of sheep and cattle grazing in a field. I reached into my rucksack and retrieved a whistle I had obtained from a famous national news network. I blew the whistle to test the response of the sheep and cattle. I noticed they promptly followed me where ever I went. Note: Pending further investigation...


is this accurate?

"The Mohave County Department of Public Health makes contact with all confirmed cases and encourages self-isolation for 10 days to two weeks, depending on symptoms and unique work and living situation."

Seriously. There is no mandatory quarantine of people who are testing positive for Covid 19? That is insane -- even if they are asymptomatic, they can still be shedding the virus to other, more vulnerable people. And if its true, my big question is "Who decided against manadatory quarantines? Ducey -- like he did with masks for months before finally relenting? Or is this another example of local leadership stupidity?"


Please wear a mask. it beats the alternative.


Why is the death rate percentage always omitted from the daily Coronavirus scare? Is it intentional? Maybe the staff who writes the Covid articles don't know how to do math? Funny how 2/3 of the article is useless info.

In the Bullhead City service area to date, there are 709 cases and 30 deaths. That a death rate of 4.2% and most of those have contributing conditions. That means there is a 95.8% chance you will NOT die from CV.

Also, avail bed rate is lower because patient rooms with two beds in them now only have one (bed per room)

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