BULLHEAD CITY — The Mohave County Department of Public Health on Monday announced the deaths of six more people in the Bullhead City service area attributed to COVID-19.

The county health agency said it was notified of 111 new confirmed cases on Monday with 41 in the Bullhead City area, 41 in the Lake Havasu City area and 29 in the Kingman area. The county has confirmed 2,374 cases of COVID-19 and the disease is blamed for 114 deaths in the county.

The six deaths reported Monday included one that was not among previously confirmed cases and five that were. The deaths included three people in the 60-69 age range, two in the 70-79 age range and one in the 80-89 age range.

The new cases in Bullhead City include 37 that remain under investigation to determine the source of the infection. No hospitalization details were available in the county’s daily COVID-19 situation report. 

The new cases are one under the age of 10, four age 11-19, six age 20-29, five age 30-39, four age 40-49, four age 50-59, six age 60-69 and seven age 70-79.

All 41 new cases in Lake Havasu City’s service area are under investigation with two known hospitalizations, both people in the 80-89 age group. The other cases are one age 10 or younger, three age 11-19, four age 20-29, four age 30-39, seven age 40-49, six age 50-59, 10 age 60-69, one age 70-79 and three age 80-89.

Kingman’s new cases include 23 under investigation and six linked to at least one previously confirmed case with those six all recovering at home. Those six are one 20-29, one 30-39, one 40-49, one 50-59, one 60-69 and one 70-79.

The cases under investigation include one age 10 or younger, one 11-19, three 20-29, five 30-39, six 40-49, two 50-59, four 70-79 and one 80-89.

There have been 1,111 confirmed positive cases in the Bullhead City service area — Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Topock/Golden Shores and Fort Mojave Indian Tribe land in Arizona — including 52 deaths. There have been 739 cases in the Lake Havasu City service area, including 15 deaths. There have been 483 cases in the Kingman area, with 47 deaths.

The county reported 67 additional recoveries on Monday, raising the total to 648. Recoveries are reported each Monday after the county deems the case closed.

The Arizona Department of Health Services said Monday that it had received confirmation of 1,559 new cases and 23 deaths statewide. There have been 145,183 confirmed cases and 2,784 deaths in Arizona during the pandemic.

The Southern Nevada Health District on Monday raised the number of confirmed cases within Laughlin Township to 45. There have been fewer than five cases in Searchlight, the SNHD said in its data presentation Monday.

No demographic information was available on the Laughlin/Searchlight cases. No deaths had been reported.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has reported 36,700 cases and 648 deaths statewide. Most have been in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

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Over 4 days there have been 16 deaths in BHC. I’m curious as to where these people were located. Were all of these people in the hospital? Were they on ventilators? Were they treated with HCQ? Were they in nursing homes? Were they from our homeless population? The majority of these deaths are elderly so I question that these people were involved in July 4th events which is the basis of Mayor Brady’s weekend stranglehold on our town.

The Mohave County Health department has yet to explain whether repeated tests are included in the daily case count too. In addition are these new cases from the 30 minute Covid test or the one that takes 10 days?

We also need to know if these deaths are occurring in certain areas, & if so are these areas being quarantined. If these questions are not answered then all I’m seeing is fear mongering. Epidemiology is a science & as a society using epi tools we should be able to get in front of this virus


An update. I just read in another article that retests are not counted as a new case.


When is Bullhead City going to have free public testing for its residents??

How come no public official will answer this????


Wear A Mask

Kenn Stark

Im censored over and over! I am a lifetime Champion of Children! The Firebird youth football club is now basically shut down! No masks,no social distancing, no common sense! They put kids at risk!


Phoenix is having a lot of testing. How about B.H.C. & Fort Mohave? Our lives count too. Enough is enough. The people need to work together if the leaders are not going to take charge. We need to stop this virus. It is not going away anytime soon so people better adjust to masks so othe rpeople can get on with there lives.

son of David

Thank you. At least there is one person in Arizona with more than a third grade education.


The Trump Adm is withholding 8 billion dollars Congress approved for testing three months ago. The citizens of Arizona need to ask the Republican Governor and McSally why this money is not being used to test the residents of Mohave County.

son of David

Is this the same Bullhead city that just gave hell to the Mayor for trying to save lives???

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