KINGMAN — Area hospital administrators agree that the COVID-19 pandemic is very real and is not a fabrication of politicians, public health officials and the media.

That much was clear as the chief executive officers of the largest hospitals in Kingman, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu answered media questions during Tuesday’s Mohave County press conference in Kingman.

Fatigue in the health care industry and throughout society was one talking point.

“We’ve been doing this now for 4 1/2 months and it’s getting old,” said Michael Stenger, of Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in Bullhead City. “It’s a very physically exhausting, emotionally exhausting and spiritually exhausting situation when you see people die and you know that people whose loved ones are in the hospital are very, very sick with COVID and can’t come and see them for their own protection.”

Stenger and Kingman Regional Medical Center’s Will McConnell said the coronavirus has impacted local health care institutions in unprecedented fashion.

“What we’re seeing in our hospitals is something we’ve never seen before,” McConnell said.

“Over the past two months we’ve had an average of at least one COVID death every single day,” said Denise Burley, director of public health for Mohave County. She noted that the county set a record with 413 new positive cases documented last week, and 1,061 over a three-week period when the county total stood at just under 2,000 cases over the previous 18 weeks.

Picking up on the same theme, Stenger called it “the tale of two pandemics” with a slow start followed by a significant surge. He said the positive case test rate at WARMC was 25% with 15 deaths from March 1 through mid-June — 3 1/2 months — but 37% with 19 deaths over the last month.

“There’s no question that this isn’t over. There’s no question it’s not too late to take this very, very seriously and do everything you possibly can to save yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and people that you know out and about in the community,” Stegner said. “This may not get worse but it’s not going away.”

Burley said her department is sticking with its face-covering recommendation to stem spread of the virus.

“When you’re unable to social distance, you should be wearing a mask,” she said. “It protects other people. That is what you’re doing and what we’re trying to do is prevent the transmission of this virus throughout our community.”

Like his colleagues, CEO Mike Pattterson said sufficient patient bed space and personal protective equipment are in supply at Havasu Regional Medical Center. He said the hospital currently has 40 COVID-19 patients with five on ventilators.

McConnell said nine KRMC ICU patients are on ventilators and that seven of them are being treated for COVID-19. He said the hospital has five more ICU beds immediately available and a surge expansion plan to get to 32 beds if needed.

McConnell said KRMC staff has conducted mock drills to test ability to handle a significant surge. Patterson said additional nursing and support staff from out of state would be coming to Lake Havasu City to help public officials handle the pandemic.

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COVID-19 is everywhere folks it’s real!


Let's see... one death per day in a county with 220K people. Let's call it "150". that's a morbidity rate of .068. and the flu was .1 in March of this year. I don't make these numbers up. I just feed them into the calculator. And for that, we've destroyed our economy.

Add to this the over-counting, due to repetitive testing. Toss in " allowing a non-medically trained grubbiner to specify medical treatments". What doctor would actually DO that? Then there's the conflating of tests with antigens with

tests with antibodies in the "confirmed cases" and the deaths "from" Covid which are actually comorbidity from another health issue. Because of all of that I am not believing a single word of this anymore. These alleged professionals need to clean up their act and STOP commingling number (I know it'll cut into the bottom line. Who cares how much we damage people & the economy as long as we get out kickbacks and orange man bad) and try a little honesty.

Like this:

TOPIC 1 ---Confirmed cases; antigens v. antibodies

TOPIC 2----Death FROM Covid v. deaths WITH Covid, all of which are confirmed by actual testing (see topic 1)

TOPIC 3---Total number of tests, v. total number hospitalized

TOPIC 4---Total positive tests v. number needing medical treatment of any type

TOPIC 5---Percentage of population tested

TOPIC 6--- Overall # Tested. Percentage who are cured/self-cured/asymptomatic v. #overall

But we can't do that, can we?

And this county's response is dismal too. "You have to self isolate but we won't bring you anything you need, like food, water, medications, pet food, nor will we check on you. Just go hungry for 2 weeks & tough it out. Sorry about the loss of your pets."

Sorry, but this smells far too much like a plannedscamdemic.


We need national leadership. Everyone should get a mask.

Wal Mart- You should test all your employees with the 2 stores so close together & lots of workers. They are putting the families at risk.


I don't shop at Covid Farms anymore. They make you wear a muzzle and I'm tired of stepping in a pile of shxt all the time.


Getting tired of it? Well, me too. If this was a planned release of the virus by the Chinese to destroy our country and its economy, I'd say it has worked. By doing so it has made our President look bad and therefore limit his re-elections chances, another plan by the Chinese seeing it has been Trump that has been hard on the way the Chinese do business, Biden would rather just give them a pass. What we need is leadership on all levels that is going to stand up and say enough is enough, we shut down everything, and I do mean everything for a period of at least 30 days, and harshly enforce such a shut down, everybody and I mean everybody stays at home with extremely limited travel to a store to get essentials, we all contribute by sharing in the misery and we finally beat this thing so we can all get back to a life of normalcy. But I digress, it will never happen because our leaders on all levels are weak, they are just to afraid of hurting someone's feelings, some outsiders feelings or some political contributors feelings. What sad pathetic country we live in where leaders would rather keep seeing people get sick and die rather than hurt someone's feelings in order to stop the pain.

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