BULLHEAD CITY — In a move aimed at stemming the rapid growth of COVID-19 cases in the city, Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady on Monday issued a proclamation requiring face coverings at all business locations open to the public in the city.

“Anyone entering a Bullhead City business must wear a cloth covering over their face and nose, effective 1 a.m. on July 1,” said a release announcing the proclamation. “All Bullhead City businesses are required to enforce the face covering requirement. City staff will educate the public and businesses as needed.”

The proclamation, Emergency Proclamation No. 2020-2, noted that the Bullhead City Council declared an emergency on March 17 to address COVID-19. On May 12, Gov. Doug Ducey allowed some businesses that previously were ordered closed to reopen in compliance with federal guidelines. On June 17, Ducey recommended — but did not mandate — wearing face coverings in public where other physical distancing measures were difficult to maintain and authorized local jurisdictions — at the county and city levels — to enact regulations.

At that time, both the Mohave County Board of Supervisors and the Bullhead City Council declined to make face coverings mandatory but recommended that businesses do so. Some businesses have; others have not. Now, in order to comply with the city proclamation, all will be required to do so.

The proclamation noted that “COVID-19 presents a continuing danger to the health, safety and welfare of the public” and that “the reopening of the state has led to more contact between individuals and Bullhead City has seen a significant upward trajectory of new COVID-19 cases.”

Cases in Bullhead City have risen from 94 confirmed positive as of June 1 to 490 by Monday with deaths increasing from five to 25. Countywide, cases have more than doubled in the last month, from 403 on June 1 to 1,055 after Monday’s report of 22 new cases — all in the Bullhead City service area. 

According to the proclamation:

“An individual in an enclosed place of business and in areas open to the public must wear a face covering while in that business whether or not six feet of social distancing may be accomplished. A face covering includes a surgical mask, cloth cover or other similar material that covers the mouth and nose.

“All persons who own, manage or are employed by a business located in the city must wear a face covering while on-duty and having direct or indirect customer contact, including persons working in a kitchen or otherwise preparing or serving food or beverages to customers.

“Each business must post signage notifying individuals of the requirements to wear a face covering as provided by this order.”

The proclamation exempts children under the age of 6, persons with one or more medical conditions that prevent wearing a face covering, persons communicating with an individual who is hearing impaired who needs to see the mouth of the person speaking; individuals obtaining a service involving the nose or face for which temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to the service; public safely, police, fire and other life safety and health care personnel whose personal protecting equipment requirements are governed by their respective agencies and employers; a person in a federal, state or county government building; persons eating or drinking at a restaurant — with the intent that a face covering be worn at all other times; business owners, managers and employees who are in an area of the business that is not open to customers, patrons or the public; persons in a lodging establishment inside a lodging unit; persons at private or public schools within the city as they have their own governing board policies and procedures; City Hall or other city buildings that are closed to the public — if public access is allowed, employees and visitors will wear a mask; and individuals engaged in outdoor work or recreation.

All mass gatherings of 50 or more are stopped per the governor’s orders. Bullhead City will not approve any special events for at least the next 30 days. The city’s annual Splash Bash, normally scheduled for early August, has been cancelled.   

The city is closing its splash pad until further notice. The municipal pool will remain open for activities of 10 people or less. All open swim sessions have been cancelled for at least the next month. All swim lessons have been cancelled. 

Parking at Community Park will be limited to 500 vehicles daily for at least the next 30 days. The parking restrictions will limit the number of people allowed into the park, which will allow adequate physically distancing inside the expansive park. 

The proclamation makes no mention of penalties for non-compliance or enforcement.

“It is the intent of this proclamation to educate and obtain the voluntary compliance of all responsible citizens within the city.”

The order will be in effect from 1 a.m. Wednesday through July 31 “unless extended by the mayor of Bullhead City.”

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Desert Bat

You should feel safe with those Chinese-made facial masks. Just be sure you throw them in the wash every two weeks with your other laundry. And breathe deeply since the masks reduce your oxygen intake to, or below, the 19% level at which brain cells immediately begin dying. Normally that would concern me about Bullhead citizens, but after living here a while, I don't think many people here will miss those brain cells at all.


I am one of those who has health reasons for not wearing a face mask. So, I guess it's okay for me to not wear a mask, but I'm sure I'm going to be harassed by people who think it's okay to harass someone who doesn't act like them. If you really want to slow this down, close the riverfront parks. We have an over abundance of people enjoying the river who are not from here and therefore, we have no idea what their health status is. Curtail the outside influence, then maybe it would be acceptable to dictate this mandate to the locals.


My advice would be to wear a face Sheila. It prevents your droplets from releasing into the air around you somewhat, and should give those around you a sense that while you can’t wear a face mask, you are doing your best to care for others in your community.

You can find them on amazon.


If you can't wear a mask bc of health issues, then you need to stay home & have some one else do your errands. It is not fair to other people who wear masks. It has been on the news that people with asthma will have no effect on wearing a mask. I have asthma & emphysema & I still wear a mask.


Can already see it coming, "I have a medical condition"....................


Too little, far too late. Especially worrisome is that there is absolutely no discussion of penalties for non-compliance. Additionally, we've seen how many right wingers have become verbally (and sometimes, physically) abusive to people who ask them to wear a mask. The mayor needs to make it clear that his announcement has teeth --- and that any inappropriate responses from being being told of the mask requirement will be dealt with through the full force of the law.


Lock 'em up!




About time for the mandatory mask. This needs to be enforced with all the Trumpers.

bill ward

i dont think wearing mask makes a lot of difference there is two sides to story, m95 mask allow unfiltered air out and other mask allow unfiltered air in so who knows? however this is a very difficult issue . so maybe the mask only help a little bit. dealing with a issue that could effect so many people even if it only helps a little. its no big deal to put the mask on, when the little that it helps might be alot to that one person, even if it only help one person. put the d@mn mask on !!!


The claim that wearing a face mask will drop your air intake to 19% is a far right fantasy to rationalize the blatant stupidity of not wearing masks. If this was true, medical workers and first responders across this country would be passing out. This has clearly not happened.


this s a violation of an individuals constitutional rights and will be reported to the DOJ. Ducey, the county and Tom Brady have violated their sworn oaths and should be immediately removed from office. these individuals have shown their allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party and not the republic. these individuals are considered traitors and domestic enemies against the United states by the founding principles.


I already have health issues related to breathing and allergies. Masks do nothing but aggravate those issues.

Kenn Stark

"You dont comply.....you will likely die!" "Wear a dam mask...bone heads!"


What Tom Brady should be doing is shutting the river beach to anyone without an Arizona Driver’s License with only a Bullhead City address on it, and without Arizona plates on their vehicles/trailer until this mess is over with. That’ll take care of a lot of the crowds in the markets, etc. Lake Havasu should do the same thing.


If you can't wear a mask, then stay home. People are staying home & all it takes is 1 person to have the virus & spread it.WEAR A MASK.


I will be grocery shopping in Mohave

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