LAUGHLIN — The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association  posted its updated sports schedule for the 2020-2021 school year and the organization has decided that the entire school year’s sports are to be pushed back into 2021.

There will be no sports until after the start of the new year,  at which time Nevada schools will have all sports play, just between January and the end of May in compacted seasons.

NIAA Executive Director Bart Thompson explained the upcoming school sports year as follows:

“Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant challenges faced by NIAA member schools, the NIAA has made the following adjustments to sports seasons for the 2020-21 school year. Specific schedules for leagues and/or regions within the framework below will be created and implemented by the leagues and/or regions in each sport. Several options were reviewed. The NIAA staff, acting under authority granted by the NIAA Board of Control, is issuing these adjustments which are effective immediately. The adjustments were reviewed by and have unanimous support of the NIAA Legislative Commission which is made up of the superintendents of each Nevada school district with an NIAA member high school. 

“The NIAA staff consulted closely with Northern and Southern League/Region presidents of each of the classifications in crafting the adjustments.”

Winter Season Sports (6 competitive weeks):

Practice begins Saturday, Jan. 2.

First contest may be held Friday, Jan. 15.

Last contest Saturday, Feb. 20.

Fall Season Sports (6 competitive weeks):

Practice begins Saturday, Feb. 20 (all sports except football).

Practice begins Saturday, Feb. 13 (football).

First contest may be held Friday, March 5.

Last contest Saturday, April 10.

Spring Season Sports (6 competitive weeks):

Practice begins Saturday, April 3.

First contest may be held Friday, April 16.

Last contest Saturday, May 22.

Out-of-season regulations (regulations traditionally in place during the summer) will be in place through Jan. 1.

These are the scheduled dates for when NIAA sanctioned sports are offered. Participation in NIAA sanctioned sports is at the option of member schools and their districts.

Playoff considerations are at the discretion of individual classifications, regions and/or leagues. The six competitive weeks would include any playoffs. At this time, it is anticipated that there will not be state tournaments.

The holding of practices and competitions are subject to government directive, orders from state and local health departments, the restrictions associated with the phase of reopening in place at the time, and local district and school mandates.

The winter sports-(basketball and wrestling) will go first from Jan. 2-Feb. 20, followed by the fall sports (football, volleyball, cross country) which will run from Feb. 20 through April 10, and then the spring sports-(baseball, softball, track) running from April 3 through May 22.

One advantage of the shifted schedule is that the football and cross-country teams will not have to contend with the notorious heat that comes in August and September.

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