BULLHEAD CITY — The surge of local COVID-19 cases has resulted in the postponement of today’s scheduled opening of the BHHS Legacy Foundation Christine Stamper Center for Help & Hope.

“If we open now, the question is not if a guest, staff or volunteer will test positive for COVID-19, the question is when,” according to an announcement sent out by Catholic Charities Community Services, the organization that will operate the day center and homeless shelter near the intersection of Miracle Mile and North Oatman Road in Bullhead City. “The safety of the entire population is of the utmost importance.” 

Catholic Charities is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance as well as The Framework for an Equitable COVID-19 Homelessness Response, from the National Alliance to End Homelessness to ensure the health and safety of the population. 

According to the NAEH, moving unsheltered residents into a shelter can create additional risk for people experiencing homelessness.

“Shelter residents are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19,” Catholic Charities pointed out. “Which is why our plan originally stated that we were proceeding with ‘a carefully-staged, phased-in approach — subject to change based on conditions observed.’ ”

Catholic Charities will hire two additional staff members to provide homeless outreach. These staff members will provide COVID-19 education, hygiene supplies and connect the unsheltered to health care services while continuing to follow CDC guidelines in doing so. 

The organization also detailed what it will continue doing until conditions change: 

  • Use hotel rooms (based upon availability) for people who are unsheltered.
  • Serve the unsheltered throughout Mohave County with outreach services.
  • Monitor COVID-19 and open the center when it is safe to do so.
  • “Be optimistic, prayerful and serve those who are most vulnerable.”

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How about someone do the community a favor. Go around and round up all of these so called homeless that have suddenly invaded our community in force this year and ship them back to Los Angeles or some other location. Oh I know, I'm terrible, I'm without any compassion. Yet, have you seen the quality of these 'homeless'? Many I have run across are filthy dirty and many are sick. Again no compassion, but the well being and health of my community and my loved ones far out weigh those that are going through life looking for a hand out at every turn.


@kenoj and wallco1:

Yes, you are definitely without compassion but more importantly you are completely ignorant to the causes and the perpetuation of homelessness. I used to be just like you. I thought stupidly and shallowly that homeless people CHOSE to be homeless and jobless. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many in the community have older parents that they take in and care for. If they had no family and no money, where would they be? Many in the community have adult children that have disabilities and are cared for by family but if they had no family, where would they be?

Imagine that you yourself became disabled to a degree that you were incapable of providing for your family and bills ate away at any savings you had and put your family in a position that they were forced to sell everything-even your home. If you were forced into homelessness, had no place to sleep or cleaned up to go to an interview, how do you think you would be viewed be society? What would expect your wife or husband to do IF they chose to stand by you?

Don’t be so absurd in your ignorance. If you think these people have no shame, reevaluate. Sometimes life throws circumstances at you that just suck.

Get ready for the reality of more people becoming homeless as the consequences of Covid19 rears it’s ugly head. Think of the people who have lost their jobs due to its spread. Think of the people who will be unable to pay their mortgages or pay their rent. Think of all the evictions that will subsequently happen.

Unfortunately, what I’ve learned since moving here is that people in this area are incredibly ignorant, prejudice and huge conspiracy theorists. My guess you didn’t believe Covid was even real and I’d wager that you still don’t want to wear a mask but want to claim to be concerned about the health of your community and loved ones.


Homeless center. More crime and scum. Liberalism is killing this country. Make them earn their own way. No freebies. You just enable them to stay homeless.


All I can say is For the grace of god go I to all of you people about the homeless and sick who would Jesus walk with not you


We don't need a Homeless center in this area. Let them go out & get jobs. Wal Mart is hiring all the time.

I don't think it is a good idea. It makes me want to sell my house & move.


If the community is trying to help others, let them. If your life is only based upon how much money you make, and property you own thinking that it's value is another's treasure you are wrong. Let us not judge others because you believe the life they live is non-existent in your standards of belief. I will say that most homeless people do not choose to be homeless, and some homeless people are not poor, they just don't have expensive care because it is all just for show ( you know I will look so cool driving this). They do not want I love in apartments because they have judgemental neighbors (you know the ones that think they are so great that everyone should move away). There I is a reason why people do things and say things. I am so sorry if this is rude, but wake up this city has it's problems, and you may just be one. Oh, the reason I say this should already be known. Even though the money to build this shelter came from donations, and maybe for the purpose of tax deductions ( only the selfish believe this is just their tax dollars). To be honest, who knows. Did you donate to this to believe eve it all came to you. If any of you think that the homeless are so dirty it is disgusting where not help put them up a night so they can shower and clean up, after all is not that what it is all about. If you go to a good bank and have a place to cook why don't you cook them something and feed them it is better than judging (and laughing now gross it is). The person will be thankful and think it is all a joke/game (you know why, it was already stated). Sometimes people need a helping hand to realize they really have a chance that others think they don't. If one person sees a need of another and only complains what does that mean/ or do, nothing unless something is done. Change is important in everyone's thinking. I fail to believe this building was built to bring your property value down (hue housing/section8 already do that). The whole point help those in need you may need the same help someday. Be a light for a brighter future for someone instead of a darkness that takes all hope away.

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