Back on the water

Personal watercraft rental businesses reopened in Bullhead City on Friday after a city ordinance closing them as nonessential was allowed to expire. The reopening coincided with a hot weekend that saw Bullhead City parks, Davis Camp and Lake Mohave filled with visitors — including large contingents from both Nevada and Arizona — making for a familiar sight in an area that relies heavily on water-related tourism.

BULLHEAD CITY — Blue sky and high temperatures brought out plenty of people seeking relief at local parks during the weekend after spending time at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

People also were able to rent motorized watercraft and enjoy the cool rush of the Colorado River this weekend because a local proclamation declaring such businesses as nonessential expired Thursday. The proclamation was issued a month ago to help reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in the community.

The ramadas also reopened at Community Park and Rotary Park. 

City staff already had reopened bathrooms at the city’s public parks days earlier after the governor’s office told Mohave County officials that localities had decision-making power regarding the matter as long as the facilities allowed for proper social distancing and hygiene.

“There were people saying they were happy the parks were opened,” said Dave Heath, the city’s parks and recreation superintendent.

Not only locals were enjoying the outdoors. Parking lots at Community Park and Rotary Park also had large numbers of vehicles with Nevada and Arizona license plates.

There were more people using the city’s public parks over the weekend compared with this time last year, Heath said. That includes higher numbers of people at Rotary Park. 

If there had been no COVID-19 precautions taken, the first weekend in May is when the city would have opened park launch booths, Heath said.

Both Colorado River-adjacent public parks in Bullhead City have been busier Mondays through Thursdays as well, he said. 

The city not extending the ban on watercraft rentals was a happy surprise, said one business owner.

“We were excited about it,” said Baryasslai Badery of Waterworld Jet Ski Rentals and Five Star Jet Ski and Boat Rentals.  

He said both locations in the 1100 block of Highway 95 near Community Park sold out of rental watercraft Saturday and Sunday.

Recreating on the river isn’t a high-contact activity, Badery explained.

A family boat ride is not only a pleasant outdoor excursion, it provides social distance from other groups of people, he noted.

“You are isolated from everyone else because you are on the boat with the same people,” Badery said.

His type of business isn’t an operation with heavy customer foot traffic, either.

Daytime temperatures are expected to reach triple-digits for the next several days, meaning the river will be — as always — a popular getaway.

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How come you left out all of the California plates? They are being paid to stay home, not to bring the covid to an area that barely has it.


Because alot of those people are Arizona people who work in California and they have to maintain a California driver's license. And one other thing that might enlighten you, not all California's population are not stupid and would never intentionally infect someone. And finally this Corona Virus is more political than you can imagine.


Yeah. Illegals can get a CA license too.


I don’t care who uses our parks just be clean and pick up after your selfs and your pets their trash cans use them , and than god for the Mexicans next time you bite in to your fruits and vegetables you won’t see any white people out their in the fields they are some of the best family’s I have ever met and hard workers also to the people that worry about Mexican people I read in today’s comments.


There are 30 million American people out of work. What a hateful racist thing to say about white men. I’m sure if they had to work in the fields to feed their starving children and put a roof over their head they would work too. I’m so tired hearing Americans putting down the working people of our country. There are veterans living on the streets that have fought for our freedom. We the people of The United States of America.

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