BULLHEAD CITY — Feelings are still mixed about Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady’s latest order to shut down beach and boat launch access at city parks each Friday, Saturday and Sunday until after Labor Day in an effort to slow the community spread of COVID-19.

A lack of efforts by Colorado River recreationers to protect themselves against the virus over the Fourth of July weekend alarmed city officials and a number of residents.

Some citizens were relieved to see such an action taken. Others were unhappy about the mayor’s decision.

Brady already had issued an order requiring people to wear face coverings while in public indoor areas and businesses after Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey allowed local governments to decide whether to do it.

Again, voluntary compliance wasn’t occurring as much as was hoped.

“Our top priority in every decision has been the ability of our medical community and first responders to safely deliver all the resources necessary to those who need treatment from this disease,” Brady explained after deciding to halt access to the Colorado River from more than a dozen points within the city. “This includes hospital beds, ventilators, personal protective equipment, testing and adequate staffing to name just a few.”

The local surge in cases has caused concern about whether there will be ample medical resources for any COVID-19 patients as well as others requiring significant care until the number of cases drastically wanes.

The city council’s declaration of emergency order to combat COVID-19 was approved on March 17. A major reason for the original action is the large number of Bullhead City residents who fall under the CDC’s description of higher risk to become very sick from COVID-19: Age 60 and older, as well as people with chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, can become very ill from the virus. 

In Bullhead City, the mayor “shall take command of the police force of the city and govern by proclamation in the event of the threat of or occurrence of acts of natural disaster, riot, rout or affray sufficient to constitute great danger to the city and its residents,” according to Chapter 2.08.050 Section F of the city municipal code.

The virus has since been making its way through the community, affecting people of all ages.

Resolution No. 2020R-15 explained how the city’s COVID-19 Incident Command Team had formed on March 15 as a response to increased resource needs and it’s threat to “public health, safety, and welfare,” as Ducey included in his original statewide emergency declaration.

Disaster or emergency declaration authority may be held by the city council, board of supervisors, mayor, health official, or other entities named by local statute or regulation, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. 

City officials have regular meetings with first responders, county officials, area hospital management and county and state health officials to aid in decision making.  

Fences were set up to keep people off of the beaches at Community and Rotary parks. And city staff members were at not only both parks but 11 other places in the city along the Colorado River to prevent people from entering these locations — areas that allowed people to congregate along the river and places where people could launch watercraft.

Even though people were coming from nearby recreational areas along the river operated by Mohave County as well as from the Nevada side — to a lesser extent — water traffic was noticeably down. 

Pople were mostly cooperative when asked to not use Bullhead City beaches or boat launches, according to city officials.

“For the most part, people were good about it,” said Dave Heath, the city’s parks and recreation superintendent, after the first long weekend in which staff watched the closed locations.

Heath said he anticipates this coming weekend might be a bit easier after city workers have been able to see where people seem to want to access local beaches and boat launches.

“It takes as many people to watch and ward off people from the beaches as it does to work at the parks,” Heath said. 

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A lot of good that does. You can still launch from the Nevada side, and Davis Camp. Community Park looks like a prison yard will all of that Taxpayer paid fencing. Why doesn’t the Mayor spend that much time and effort keeping the homeless druggies from congregating in there, scaring away families that want to enjoy the park?


I agree. We've passed Davis Camp a couple of times. Mohave County continues to allow Davis Camp to be filled to the max. And where do these people shop and mingle? In Bullhead City putting the residents at risk. The Mohave County govt facilities demand masks protecting the Supervisors/employees. But do nothing about Davis Camp putting many in jeopardy in BHC and Laughlin.


Why are there 'mixed feelings' about it? Its real simple people, if we do not do whatever can be done to curtail the rise of virus related cases in our area, then we are never going to get through it. Closing beaches on the weekends along with launch areas is going to hurt whose feelings? Certainly not locals as they all know that you do not go out on the river during the weekends, so the only feelings that are going to get hurt mainly are those from out of town. If so, then so be it. Why should we try to do all we can to curb the rise in cases when there are those that invade our communities and could care less, If those are the ones whose feelings are getting hurt then I would suggest to them to try to stay at home in their own state, follow the rules in their own state regarding the virus and do what they can to curb it on their end while we do all we can on ours.


How about you hide from the invaders, and I'll take their hard earned money and pay for my daughters college. Antibodies last 6 weeks, so you can get it twice or more (peer reviewed) and the vaccine isn't a vaccine it programs (modified dna) your t-cells to make the antibodies because you can't make a vaccine for a cold (other 4 coronavirus that infects humans, oh and most of these test are giving positives (except abbot) because they can't tell the effing difference). So you want a shot that will cause you body to NEVER stop making these antibodies?

Desert Bat

HaHa, you're yelling "Theatre" in a crowded fire!


Launching your boat increases covid cases? There is absolutely zero evidence to support Mayor Brady’s insane proclamation. I drove around the town last weekend observing this fiasco and will not forget his communistic tactics come 2022 when he’s up for re-election. If I wanted to live in a communist country I’d move to China or Russia.


"If I wanted to live in a communist country I’d move to China or Russia." You don't have to move that far away at all. Just pack up and move down the road to Needles, CALIFORNIA.


Your police should turn their back on him, that's an alternative you know. But they like their pension and paychecks too much to realize that the tax revenue is used for their checks. So basically they are cutting their own funding, but you only need ONE mayor, lol. Number of police ehhhh that's TBD...


Stop with your California Liberalism. Go live in California and take your Liberalism with you.


The biggest problem is that too many people have no respect for others around them. They don't keep their distance, they don't wear a mask when in stores or they use their mask as a chin guard instead of covering their nose and mouth.


"Use their mask as a chin guard." Govt. "health experts" say it is possible to get infected by Corona via drool off your chin!


We are getting more cases in this small area. No testing nothing here in this small town.

Is the Mayor going to wait till we have a terrible outbreak & can't control it before he really does something. We need a national plan.; This is getting out of control. This is not fair to the people who follow the guidelines.


"This is not fair to the people who follow the guidelines?" What's "not fair"? The people that "follow the guidelines" will not get infected because they STAY AWAY from anybody that could be infected.


Time to mandate mask orders, people still don’t get it as cases continue to raise, needs to be enforced & if not a fine is needed. If people can’t do the right thing than they need to told what to do!! Enough is enough time to think of the whole community!!!


Masks provide a false sense of security. There’s a study out in Nature (5/27/2020) showing that the majority of infected participants did not shed the virus either in droplets or aerosols. Taking precautions as you would during the flu season will suffice. Giving up our freedoms to uneducated elected officials is unacceptable. Further turn off the fear mongering fake news.


"Masks provide a false sense of security." I absolutely agree with your take about masking, BUT if infection is not spread via "droplets or aerosols" what did the story say about how it IS spread?


Detour, like the flu & cold viruses spread is generally through hands to face. No doubt some is through the air via coughing & sneezing, forceable ejection. I don’t wear a mask, but I keep my distance & fastidiously keep my hands clean. I’m one of the vulnerable too, but I know how diseases are spread.


Blaming additional cases of COVID on folks not wearing masks is simply ridiculous. There have been zero scientific studies that have proven the effectiveness of any of these maks in preventing anything other than that person being able to BREATHE correctly. The virus is real, the reaction to it and attempt to control it is not real, it's politics.


How do you think we should deal with the virus? I would love to hear your opinion on this.


"How do you think we should deal with the virus?" "We" should stay at least 10-12 feet away from anybody not living in our house, period. That could mean going to the grocery store at 10-11pm at night like I do. Not dining out at restaurants at all. Working from home and walking in the neighborhood at times when few others are around. The biggest "chance" I've taken recently was getting a haircut and there was no one else waiting, the girl cutting my hair wore a mask, I wore a mask and she never was in front of me to even breathe near my face. I've also stayed in a few hotels where the desk clerks had plexiglas between them and customers (BEST idea yet) so no one had to wear a mask. Stood back from elevator to make sure someone walking out would be 10 feet away and I'm the only one in every elevator.

dennis scholl

Thank you CBRC


Ok what's the R: value? (R naught) this is how we rate pandemics scientifically... Science... Facts... Remember those? Above a 1 it spreads, below a 1 it's going away. Measles rates at an 11, the flu a 4. Since this is a novel virus nobody has immunity. The ONLY state reporting this # is Idaho, and their current death rate (subjective number kinda). So what's their R: and death rate? 1.4 and .74%. Yep, riot or natural disaster or any blah blah bend over and die on the vine with 0 property value, and you'll love it.


We need a plan.

A National Plan.


It was the right thing to do! Our increase in cases is directly related to the California visitors! Period!


I find it interesting that the anti-smoking Nazis find wearing a mask and other infringements as some form of communism? Hahahahaha have a little of your own medicine hypocrites ! [happybirthday]


This pandemic is not political, it affects everyone. People need to follow the CDC guidelines and wear masks that health experts agree will

Control covid 19.


More than adequate evidence that masks do indeed work. Not only in US but also foreign countries. Mayor Brady is doing what needs to be done.

Kenn Stark

But hey! Firebird youth tackle football can be played with 50+ youths and adults huddled together,conssesion stand, open restrooms, and not one mask or social distancing! With an out of town opponent! I s this an exception to the order?


Dear ALL Govt. Officials and "Health Experts": PLEASE read this thread very carefully. You will note that well over 75% of normal, intelligent free-thinking American citizens know two things about the COVID situation. #1 It is a serious virus that can cause severe illness and death if contracted and MORE importantly #2. After 4 months of critically analyzing the situation and your responses to it, NOBODY believes that any of "you people" know anything more about the issue than WE do and furthermore, "we" do not trust any of the "increasing" case numbers, fatality numbers or mitigation mandates (i.e. masks) you command us to do. So please stop acting like you people are smarter than us because your not. And all of you can be replaced.

Kenn Stark

But its ok to play a youth tackle football game at Firebird Field with with 50+ kids, adults, consession stand, open restrooms, and not one mask in site! And 115 degree weather? We got a real problem!

Kenn Stark

By the time the election comes around Trump will have disolved the CDC!

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