KINGMAN — After taking a strong position against the mask mandate in her home city of Kingman, local lawmaker Regina Cobb said she also opposes face covering requirements imposed in Lake Havasu and Bullhead City. 

The Republican representative for District 5 said her stand is more about Constitutional infringements than a statement about the merits of mask use in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cobb said she wants to protect liberty and that businesses and citizens should be able to make their own mask decisions without government dictates. She said she believes social distancing and hygiene protocols should be followed.

Pressure exerted by Cobb saw Kingman Mayor Jen Miles backpedal from her proclamation extending the mask mandate through the end of the year. Miles agreed to allow the full city council to decide the mask controversy at its Sept. 15 meeting.

The Bullhead City Council also will assess the status of the Bullhead City mask mandate on Sept. 15. A similar mandate is in effect through Oct. 15 in Lake Havasu City.

Cobb said she is hopeful that the state legislature can reconvene its coronavirus-interrupted legislative session “when things settle” after the Nov. 3 general election. She said lawmakers were able to handle about 70% of this year’s business but that important matters are pending.

Cobb said the most important thing lawmakers need to handle involve COVID-19 liability matters threatening health care, education, government and other sectors. She also said about a dozen economic development bills had been floated before the legislative shutdown.

Cobb expressed hope of passing economic development facilitating measures to bolster the private sector as much as possible in pulling out of the pandemic.

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To our local leaders I say, do not cave in. Cobb needs to tend to State matters and keep her nose out of local affairs. There are already enough people walking around that are ignoring the mask mandate, they say ignorance is bliss. Would rather keep seeing mask on faces than not. Little bit of safety is better than none at all.


Cobb, how can you be against something that helps prevent the virus!!!! What are you thinking, oh that’s right you are not! Again money before health! Hope you are not re-elected, what business is paying you off!!!!


It's nice to see at least one politician has their head screwed on straight.


Finally a politician that isn't scared of the PanicDemic and all the "woke" zombies that believe a mask will protect them from dying. Personally I am more afraid of not BREATHING correctly because of the mask especially considering the current air quality in the Tri-State. Some folks wearing masks outside are literally going to start fainting in the 105+ temps + smoke filled skies and maybe even dying from lack of oxygen.


We were swamped with People from California over the Labor Day and few wore masks into stores..

Whose Responsibility is it to enforce they wear masks ??

If nobody then why should we keep wearing masks ??

Can't have it both ways..

There are signs on the doors before people go in so is it people from California and Lady from Kingman can't read ??

I asked 2 people why no mask while in the store and the clerk stated they don't anything which they should deny service to anyone without a mask..

I had Covid and was in ICU, let me tell you it is no fun plus rehabbing at home with Oxygen from the Pneumonia prior to Covid 19


Wearing a mask is simply being considerate to those around you. There is no downside to the masks as science has proven.

No valid argument to not wear a mask.


The downside is that you can’t breathe and people can’t hear you speak. Others can wear their own masks as their own protection.


What is the point of local leadership if not to guide people? We do not live in a state of anarchy, there should be order and guidelines. Much like we have posted speed limits for safety, so should we have masks for safety during this time period. It is that simple.


Yeah keep representing Arizona.


It's Bullhead City, no one social distances and many only wear a mask as a chin strap anyways. I seen some people without masks cough on the movies at Walmart. I would guess seeing how lazy people are to even flush toilets in public restrooms, they probably don't all wash their hands either. This whole thing is a waste of time, you can't stop a pandemic especially here. When we were told "social distance and wear a mask when you can't", people of Bullhead City took it as "If I wear a mask I don't have to social distance at all". Go wait in line at Walmart, you'll have someone that for some reason doesn't want to be more than a couple inches from you even though they have plenty of room to be. Smiths in Bullhead City as well (Fort Mohave people are more respectful and intelligent it seems).


Siyrah wrote: ""If I wear a mask I don't have to social distance at all". And that is EXACTLY why I say THROW AWAY the masks andMANDATE 8-10 feet distance EVERYWHERE. 95% of masks do NOT protect anybody from the virus, its proven fact. So what if they might stop a million particles of it, you still will likely have THOUSANDS of particles of virus RNA which is more than enough to be infectious. An no offense but "Fort Mojave" people are barely one rung above "BHC" people, and "middle class" at best. Neither one can compare to the "Laughlin" people. Ha.


How stupid the virus is going to get worse now after a weekend of partying along the river and keeping your fellows citizens healthy by keeping your face covered is smart . What a dump person don’t you listen to the news and I’m not talking fox they are all fluff.

Frank Atwood

If one remembers even Fauci's first statement when the virus first hit America, "Mask won't help as they would only give a false sense of security against it." Then it changed after that, once Democrats saw how they could use it against Trump and those of us who voted for him in 2016. God is watching over his own when it comes to catching this virus, period. By the way, how many of you know that the flu shots many have been taking for years are just a coronavirus vaccine against the flue, thus that's why so many people check out coronavirus positive, yet aren't transmitters of this coronavirus-19? This is the biggest hoax ever played on the American people and we've only seen the beginning of even bigger hoaxes coming down the road, especially after Trump wins his second term. This is all about control to take away Americans freedom, one pandemic at a time. You all watch how the media will say the coronavirus cases will double if not triple by November so in hopes to shut down polling places throughout America. I pray I'm wrong, but I trust God over men, especially in today's times that are upon us all and our individual rights to think for ourselves, not how others want us to think. Think about it. God bless and hope I haven't offended anyone who doesn't think as I do and many others I've talked to in Kingman.


Frank Atwood: Well reasoned comments sir. And if anyone is "offended" by anything you say TOO BAD. The only person that can let themself be "offended" by anything is in THEIR mirror.

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