Hildy Angius

Hildy Angius

BULLHEAD CITY — Hildy Angius said she considers herself to be lucky.

Angius revealed publicly on Thursday that she has nearly recovered from a bout with COVID-19.

“I had it,” she said during an interview with Larry Tunforss on KNTR radio’s “Speak Out 2.0” program. She also confirmed her status in an opinion column that appears in today’s edition of the Mohave Valley Daily News.

“I just went through all this,” she said. She said she began feeling run down and had a scratchy throat. During a pre-planned annual physical examiniation, the 61-year-old Angius told her doctor of her sypmptoms and the doctor recommended a COVID-19 test, which came back positive. 

She did not say when the diagnosis was confirmed.

“I want people to listen,” she said in the radio interview. “My symptoms did not even rise to a bad cold. I’ve had sniffles that were worse.”

She noted that she was “lucky” and that the disease has different effects on different people. But, she said, “it was very easy to me.”

She said she already had self-isolated before the diagnosis — following her own advice that “if you think you have it, act like you do” — and followed county-recommended protocols during her recovery. She said about the only lasting effect has been a lack of her senses of taste and smell but added that she slowly is getting them back.

Angius also told Tunforss that she has been wearing a mask when out in public but admitted that she was asked to leave one Bullhead City business after she entered without a face covering. That was before the city’s proclamation ordering masks but was in violation of the store’s own enforced policy.

She said she wears a mask not because she thinks it helps slow the spread but out of respect for others.

“I think it’s an illusion of safety,” she said of the face coverings. “An illusion of security. For me, it’s just a matter of respect.”

Angius, who on Thursday voted against a motion to require county employees to wear a mask when social distancing was not practical, said she would “rather it come from people than the government.”

The motion passed on a 3-2 vote.

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This is interesting! My doctor recommended I get COVID 19 test and it was declined by Valley View Hospital, while getting blood tests, because I was outpatient. I have to be inpatient or an elected official to get tested!!


Supv Angius cites BHC's proclamation on mask-wearing. After contacting the city's Code Enforcement Dept, I was told that the city is not enforcing the Mayor's proclamation. Businesses are still allowing non-mask wearing customers in their establishments. Some customers are saying that they have health issues that preclude them from wearing them. My question is, if they have serious medical issues "why wouldn't you want to wear one?"


Are you a Doctor? Why would they continue to say wear a mask if it does no good? As part of the elected board your comments are ill responsible!!

Michael 777

Wearing masks are more than an "illusion of safety".. The droplets that contain Covid-19 are restricted from spreading when wearing masks..Hildy is misinformed.

Michael 777

Dear Trump supporters...Three miles of wall has been built. Mexico isn't paying. Hillary isn't in jail. Obamacare hasn't been repealed or replaced. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. The deficit is skyrocketing. N.Korea the Iran are building nuclear weapons. We are having a pandemic that's getting worse... YOU'VE BEEN PLAYED BY A CON MAN.


Masks won't protect anyone from TDS unfortunately.


Well here we are 2 months later & number of cases are up to almost 1500, but you still say mandatory mask order not needed!!! Who are you listening to, not the hospitals, doctors or families of the deceased. Well if you wanted to put Arizona in the National news because you did not want to think of health & safety first you got what you wanted!!!!


The woman could have put her hand to her mouth while wearing a mask and gloves without recalling doing so. She could have touched her steering wheel, the virus on a can, plastic on meat, door knob, anywhere. Yet she chose to dismiss that the mask didn't protect her. Very ignorant.

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