KINGMAN — A number of elected officials in northwest Arizona are upset with Gov. Doug Ducey’s decision to extend his stay-at-home executive directives to mid-May.

“I am disappointed that he essentially pushed this out another two weeks and I’m concerned that our folks will go another two weeks without being able to make a living,” said member Ron Gould during Thursday’s special Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting. “Americans are not going to tolerate a lockdown that’s not tight enough to stop the spread of the virus.”

Sup. Hildy Angius announced that she and the three local lawmakers have signed a letter mostly drafted by District 5 Rep. Leo Biasiucci. One excerpt asserts that some coronavirus restrictions in place in Arizona discriminates within the business community.

“How do we justify allowing hundreds of people to be in Walmart but a salon with three customers must be closed. Explain to me why someone can buy jewelry at Sam’s Club or Target but a small jewelry store is not deemed essential and must be closed,” the letter stated. “The stay-at-home order had flaws from the beginning because it allowed for government to pick winners and losers and the biggest loser has been the small businesses.”

Angius and Gould have expressed their view that Mohave County should prepare a roadmap of restrictions and guidelines for operation once businesses are allowed to reopen.

Sheriff Doug Schuster also expressed disappointment with extension of the governor’s order. While urging all citizens and businesses to accept personal responsibility to comply with personal hygiene and social distance advice, Schuster said citizens need not worry about overzealous enforcement from his department.

“It is my job to ensure that their freedoms and liberties are safeguarded. I am not going to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens that are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table,” Schuster said. “We at the sheriff’s office are not going to be the social distancing police.”

Schuster said his deputies will not be citing or arresting people for being non-compliant with social distance, group assembly and restaurant activity.

The sheriff’s stance drew praie from Gould and Angius.

“Thank you so much for erring on the side of the Constitution and liberty,” Angius said. “That’s what Mohave County is. It’s who we are. It’s in our DNA.”

Sup. Gary Watson repeated his concern that area lakes and rivers are inundated with visitors, he said many of them likely COVID-19 infected, while county residents are asked to stay home. Both he and Sup. Buster Johnson also expressed support for following the governor’s directives as much as possible.

Johnson, in particular, expressed concern that defiance could have state shared-revenue repercussions for Mohave County.

The board directed staff to use the Biasiucci letter as a template to prepare another letter that Mohave County would use as a position paper to send to the governor and state lawmakers. The letter will be reviewed, and possibly amended, before possibly being adopted for distribution during Monday’s board meeting.

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I'm a retired officer of the US Coast Guard and when our HOA informed us of the Govenor's decision I imediatly wrote an email to both the State and B-POTUS. This is so narrow minded that so many living in small towns already social distancing geographically should put up with such an elementary and nonsensical decision. I don't understand why everyone wants to pivot left. Anyway my email to AZ and DC were fare more scolding. Hopefully when Trump comes to visit AZ next week, he'll talk commonsense into senseless AZ decision making.

Desert Bat

If he pisses off the cops, he'll return to his hotel room and find his belongings tampered with and he might even meet some pathological liars and other sorts of hell's denizens. At least Trump can recuse himself to a billionaire's estate afterwards. The rest of this Government's victims are remanded to posting their crimes online, where at least the Chinese have taken notice.

C bibeau

I,for one,will be home. You won't have to enforce this with me and I trust several other fairly intelligent people who would like to stay healthy. And I am sure Trump will be loud and strong for our "personal freedoms" regardless of how detrimental this action would be. Its sort of common sense the way I look at it which seems to be missing , I hope, in the minority.




Well, boo hoo, we all have to make sacrifices for short period longer. Lets ask the question about that hair salon or that jewelry store that is referred to, do they also sell food and dairy products? Do they also sell toilet paper and other essentials for everyday living? The simple answer is NO! And for those that seem to be lacking in common sense as well as a few brain cells on the board of supervisors, that is why they are closed and Wal Mart and Target are not.

The one truth that keeps being spoken by some on the board is the invasion from outside our state, mainly those from California. While I am willing to make whatever sacrifice needed to get ahead of the virus, I too am bothered and upset by how many from outside our area come here, go where they please and totally ignore the stay at home order. Not only are they ignoring and violating the stay at home orders on their own states, but they ignore ours as well without repercussion or regret.

Sacrifices are at times difficult to make. My household is making sacrifices daily, the only difference between us and others and some on the board of supervisors is that we are all wiling to do so knowing that is the only way to beat this virus. Some on the board are either trying to cater to some sort of special interest, positioning for future votes or are completely ignorant to the fact that the numbers of those infected and those that have died goes up almost on a daily basis in our county. Calling for any type of re-opening before it is safe enough to do so is completely irresponsible and selfish and most certainly does not deserve to be on the board.


People from California should stay home! My neighbors are from CA and ignore there stay at home order. One is a LAPD Officer. Imagine that.


I love our Mohave County officials. Let common sense prevail. We are not children. We get it. Wash your hands and protect the vulnerable. Not, let’s get back to work. Thanks Hildy


I'm disappointed in Mohave County's elected officials. More interested in money than preventing more needless deaths. Prematurely opening up non-essential businesses at this time isn't any different than a fire dept leaving the scene of a fire before the fire's out. Hmmm, will it flare up again? Let's take a big chance and find out? Or let's be smart and use the brains that God gave us.


Notice how the value of human life just keeps getting lower and lower.... we are now all expendable in the name of profits.


We have only had 15 deaths in Mohave County to date, but this will likely change quickly if the country is reopened and the virus begins to spread faster. Are we prepared to have several thousand deaths over the next few months?

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