KINGMAN — Mohave County supervisors emerged from a nearly 90-minute executive session Monday before approving three coronavirus management motions offered by Buster Johnson. Johnson’s first motion was approved quickly without discussion.

Supervisors agreed that the Board, at least initially, will conduct three special meetings each week to address any COVID-19 pandemic matters deemed necessary. The meetings will be conducted mostly by telephone while the public can view them during live streaming or in play-back mode on the county’s YouTube channel.

These meetings will be conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning at 12:30 p.m. The second motion was to possibly scale back to one meeting each week, upon consultation with Department of Public Health Director Denise Burley.

It was Johnson’s third motion that drew the most discussion. Lawyer Ryan Esplin noted that the County Attorney’s office did not support Johnson’s call for providing more specific information about people who are infected with coronavirus due to legal protections of patient confidentiality.

Johnson said an unidentified contact within the Arizona Attorney General’s office said it is permissible. “They had no problem with us doing that,” Johnson said.

The Board agreed it would have the County Supervisor Association ask the Attorney General to formally approve the disclosure. Should that happen, the county will indicate whether infected residents are being treated at home or in a hospital, as well as their community of residence. 

Praise for Hendrix

County Manager Mike Hendrix drew praise when his retirement-related resignation was approved during Monday’s meeting in Kingman. Hendrix began his service to the county when he was hired in its Public Works Department in May of 1984.

“It was with deep regret to receive the letter of resignation from our county manager Michael Hendrix,” said Sup. Gary Watson. “For a number of years he’s done a great job for Mohave County and I want to thank him for his leadership and the great job that he’s done for all these years.”

“We will be sorry to see you go, Mike,” agreed Board Chairman Jean Bishop. “We appreciate your years of service and you will be missed.”

Sup. Hildy Angius noted that Hendrix has nearly three months left on the job, leaving her plenty of time to prepare her thank you remarks to deliver when his retirement nears.

The Board also approved a recruitment campaign outlined by the Human Resources Department. That includes materials inviting application to fill the position and posting the opening in a number of professional associations at the state and local level.

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