Aldape's Market

Aldape’s Market in Laughlin says it will close at the end of the week as the grocery store’s Las Vegas-based suppliers opt against driving to Laughlin with the township’s casinos and other businesses closed.

LAUGHLIN — Aldape’s Market must shut down due to its lack of deliveries and inventory, the store’s director said on Saturday.

Sue Gordon said the grocery, at 3100 Needles Highway in Laughlin, would close “at the end of this week.”

“The problem we’re having is getting supplies, because most of our vendors are from Las Vegas,” she said. “Since the casinos and so many businesses in Laughlin are closed, suppliers don’t want to drive here just for us.”

Gordon said she didn’t know exactly which day the store would shutter its doors.

When asked if Aldape’s pending closure is strictly due to the domino effect of the coronavirus’ impact, Gordon replied, “Absolutely.”

The company has been scrambling to restock its shelves for a couple of weeks, she added. “We have nothing else to sell, no prospect of getting things.”

Aldape’s was established in February 1987. Its hours of operation recently were changed from 24 hours a day to 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

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This is so sad!!! I don't drive so Aldapes was nice because it was in walking distance to my home. That was one of the reasons I chose to live where I did... [sad][sad]


I think another reason why they closed is everything was overpriced they could’ve ordered the supplies they needed and had somebody drive up there to get them and bring them back that’s a bad excuse that the companies did not want to bring the stuff down to them which means they weren’t ordering much Only an hour and a half drive up there to the warehouse


Seems beyond disgraceful that a governor would tell an entire town to go to hell . Laughlin is home to many elderly retired persons who sometimes don’t have means to go to Bullhead city for groceries . As overpriced as this market was, it was still a valuable asset to the community . Hopefully a big market chain like a Kroger or even a Trader Joe’s that will actually pull in people from Bullhead to shop there will take it’s place and the people will have a local place to shop for groceries in time of need .I guess this is what happens when you elect a Democrat in Nevada , they turn it into California ..


There are a lot of people that don’t have transportation that live here and rely on Aldapes for their groceries. Where is our mayor? This should not happen. So sad. I’m very worried for our community.


Instead WHY wouldn't you get a trailer and drive to Vegas to pickup goods from your supplier, sound like easier to give up then do hard part and GO pick up what you need even if it takes few trips. Get going instead of complaining, do your part, rent uhaul or whatever you have to do, do it.


Aldape's has been the main staple for groceries for Laughlin for 30+ years, extending credit when needed, helping the community and always with open arms and a heart-felt smile and welcome.

All of you people with negative comments should be ashamed of yourselves.! Look around the Laughlin community 90% of residents are seniors and depend on the services and Delicious carry-out food Aldape's provides.


I'm quite sure Aldope's could of gotten contracts from AZ to deliver. Those companies want to sell their product. To not have the compassion for the town that has supported them for 33 yrs is just shameful. No one delivers to Laughlin from BHC. So many seniors n others have no transportation to BBC. They got hat they wanted out of the people (The almighty $$)


Well, maybe when they open back up, they should reconsider their pricing structure..... if they are truly concerned about the elderly population with fixed incomes, they should reconsider. They over charge for EVERYTHING! I get supply and demand, but they are ridiculous!

I would appreciate a reply from them on why?.......


Meals on Wheels is delivering groceries. Walmart is now delivering. The Laughlin Food Bank is open. Please ask your neighbor if they need anything. Seriously if someone needs food pkease post their contact info and we will try to help, shop, or deliver. Let's take care if each other.

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