BULLHEAD CITY — Coronavirus testing in Bullhead City last weekend revealed a concerning rate of infection within the pool. 

Department of Public Health Director Denise Burley told Mohave County supervisors on Thursday that 171 of the 200 people who pre-registered actually had tests conducted by North County HealthCare.

“Twelve of the 90 tests collected on Friday were positive and 12 of the 81 tests collected on Saturday were positive,” Burley said. “That leads to a 14.5% positivity rate. Anything above 10% is considered high.”

Setting aside the July 24 and 25 numbers for the Bullhead City testing, Burley said the county’s overall positivity rate to date sits at 12%.

Burley proposed that the county revamp and streamline its data collection and delivery approach during the ongoing pandemic. She noted that the board is currently receiving three daily reports at different times in the day.

Burley said reporting in triplicate is draining staff resources from other tasks and she noted that the current “running total” approach has resulted in some inconsistency within the data, and the need to sort, correct and update it. Burley spoke in favor of modifying the data into a single daily report, sacrificing some timeliness for consistency and accuracy of the data.

County Communications Director Roger Galloway said he had no problem with Burley’s suggested reforms involving the daily hospital capacity report and an internal report to the board, but expressed opposition to ending the daily infection and death count updates he usually makes public early each evening.

“That’s completely the opposite of what we should be doing for the media and the public,” Galloway said. “I can’t say how strongly as a media guy, a communications person, how wrong I believe this is.”

Galloway said the numbers, since the start of the outbreak, have been very fluid and always changing. He said he favored getting information in hand to the public when available, providing appropriate corrections and updates along the way.

That’s when county manager Sam Elters intervened, saying improving information flow is the goal, not involving department heads in public debate before the board. He said the county will keep the current data collection and distribution model in place until it can be reworked in the best interest of all parties.

“I’d like to take it back and have discussion internally with both Roger and Denise,” Elters said. It was agreed that staff will brainstorm data reform and prepare some mock-up models that can be evaluated and discussed when the board conducts its COVID-19 management meeting on Aug. 6.

“This (pandemic) is an ongoing event that has been with us for months and it looks like it’s going to be with us for a while longer,” Elters said. “And while timeliness is critical, I agree with Roger, so is the accuracy of that information and the ability to minimize and in the future eliminate discrepancies in the data. It’s been confusing to all of us and the very public that we’re trying to inform.”

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Many people test positive and isolate at home ..

Why are they not given Hydrochlorozine with zink and the other Med. for treatment while they are isolating ??

It works and has been proven to be effective in treating Coronavirus..

My understanding is Democrats, Fake Media and Liberal Doctors have taken a pledge to stop all Pharmacies from filling those prescriptions..

When I was in the Hospital being treated for Covid 19 I told the Doctor I wanted Hydrochlorizine and she basically told me no and gave me the same meds as Mel Gibson had because she said I qualified for it..

It should be my choice ..

Doctors should be prescribing Hydrochlorazine for all those testing positive and the Pharmacies accept those prescriptions and fill them immediately..


"Why are they not given "Hydrochlorozine" with "zink"? Maybe because neither of those is a real med? And no physician is going to prescribe a med based on a patient's request when the patient can't even pronounce it or spell it correctly.


If only you really knew anything??

Linda rhoutsong

Not a real med? Are you crazy. It was used for malaria for years and years.


We need a national plan.

People if you want to control this virus, please WEAR A MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCE


First of all that "10% positive rate" that is considered "High" is a number pulled out of thin air, it means NOTHING. Secondly, the criteria for a "positive" test has been refined so much over the past 30-45 days now that at least 75% of these cases have no symptoms the folks never actually get "sick". Think of it as a blood alcohol test where current "limit" is .08 to be considered DUI. It would be about the same as getting a DUI .008 reading. This appears to be one of the reasons for the abnormally high rates of "new cases" across the Southwest.


MOE $$, Moe $$, Moe $$..


Its ALL ABOUT the EXTRA Bonuses establishments get for dealing with Covid related incidents/cases

the truth

stopped by the dollar tree in fort mohave. sign on door-masks required,inside three people and one employee without masks. employee said they dont enforce wearing masks. will not shop there again. supervisors put your political bigotry aside and protect the people that elected you. i'm tired of living like a hermit but i'm not tired of living.


Thanks for the report on Dollar Tree. I have bought stuff there in the past but will not continue because of this. That place does attract a LOT of trashy and homeless people people because they know a very wide variety of things are available for only a dollar. And I'm guessing 99% of those people do not practice any sort of hygiene much less washing hands often and using hand sanitizer. In other words, super spreaders all by themselves!

A.J. PayTreeOtt

I guess you never considered there could be a medical reason for not wearing a mask...1. I think the dollar store will manage without the 4 bucks you spend there and 2. The worild does not revolve around you..sorry


"The world does not revolve around you..?" 2. Actually it does. 1. And I usually spend at least $8.00 at Dollar Tree. 3. So there....

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