Waheed Zehri

BULLHEAD CITY — There is a lot of misinformation going around, thanks to social media. Our community is being hit especially hard these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We sat down with Dr. Waheed Zehri, chief of staff at Western Arizona Regional Medical Center, to discuss the COVID-19 surge and to answer questions.


 What is the backup plan as the hospitals are becoming full — or are already full? But what happens when all the Bullhead City-area hospitals are at capacity? 


 KRMC (Kingman Regional Medical Center) is getting patients from Yuma. They got 15 in one day. We are going to run out here too. When we started this Pandemic in February, we got all the direction from the Governor. We started an incident command at WARMC. One of the preparations was to cut down the regular, unnecessary admissions. We were trying to keep the space in the hospital for COVID patients. Number two we were trying to plan for a backup plan to make sure we had extra beds. All the hospitals all over the country, increased capacity 25%. Also, increase the ICU beds.

We have an ICU with 20 beds and another with 12 beds. In preparation for COVID-19, we have another ICU that is closed right now, that has another 8 beds. We opened that ICU and if necessary, it is ready to use. We have the highest number of ICU beds available in Mohave County if we would need it. Then if we need more, we figured we could put at least 12 patients in the OR recovery area.

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People will come to the river this 4th, and not wear masks. People will flock here due to restrictions in other states. A perfect combination for a severe spike in a few weeks. Why the heck can`t people just stay home, or wear a mask? All of us would like to see this pandemic under control, but too many are in denial, or trying to make some sort of misguided political statement.


Please BHC and Fort Mohave, help each other help ourselves. WEAR MASKS AND STAY HOME PLEASE

Desert Bat

I dunno, the smile & the announcement don't seem to go hand-in-hand. But then I'm not from around these parts.


Dude is happy that someone is calling him and "expert" just like a lot of these govt. officials that don't really do anything except toe the company line which now is "The infections are out of control, the hospitals are full and more people are dying every day, so stay scared and stay home." 1. Ths infections are vastly overstated because they are using the "contact tracing" to inflate the numbers i.e. a person gets a positive test and they tell the govt. they have been in contact with ten other people recently. Guess what? there are 11 new cases instead of one. The other ten are called presumptive and stay in the count unless that person tests negative MAYBE. And the death count is inflated too as a lot of folks family members have even complained that their loved one have died of things such as Alzheimers or heart failure or other organ failure and these have been termed COVID "related" and that is what goes on the the Death Cert. BECAUSE the hospitals actually get paid more for that patients care from the insurance company of the death is related to this national emergency pandemic. The NUMBERS are an inflated scam, the virus itself is not.


I just hope there are enough beds in the hospital, ICU & enough dr's & nurses in case we do get in a bad situation. I hate the though of getting sick & no one to take care of me. We need to wear the mask.

Good job Dr. Zeri.


I hope it doesn't get to the point of where the dr. has to make a decision on who lives & who dies bc of lack of beds & equipment.

First mate smee

We should leave the who lives and who dies up to the mayor, just like the masks. To little to late.


We need a national plan. What we have now is a hodgepodge of state, county, and municipal policies. Some are enforced with citations and fines. Others are not. As others have pointed out in this thread, people who are sheltering in place in one jurisdiction will simply visit a neighboring area with less stringent rules.

The Trump administration have started walking back their opposition to wearing masks. Both President Trump and VP Pence have both now said that wearing a mask is a good thing. If this is so, the 4th of July event in South Dakota should require masks. It currently doesn't. The Trump administration also needs to implement a national policy so that we have one standard across this country without the patchwork that we have now.

Covid-19 cares nothing for politics, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We have to respect it because if we don't, outbreaks as we've been experiencing in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas and thirty-four other states will continue.

I don't want to see another shelter in place shutdown ... but unless we start being more careful about how we're out and about in public, another shut down is exactly what will happen. If the economy shuts down, more people will be laid off. More Americans will die. More of our first responders and health care workers will be put at risk as more and more Covid-19 patients are hospitalized.

This is insane. WEAR A MASK!


DC1346, I genuinely wish you were our Mayor, Governor or even President. You are so logical, pragmatic and understanding of political matters. Please think about running for an elective office in the near future. Stay safe and keep posting!


No, a national plan would be insane. Remember, where you are is not what everyone else in the country is. Think about the northern portion of our zone that has maybe 20 cases reported in total. There are areas in the country that do not need what we may need in this moment. Applying a "one size fits all" standard to them could be disastrous. Let's try to refrain from "too much" government all the time.


I agree with the others. We need a national plan so that everyone is on the same page. We need leadership.

There need to be stricter laws here right now bc people will come from other areas & makes things worse for us locals.

Enforce the Lake this week end or else we will end up like Phoenix.


I'll be happy to stay home,which one of you rocket scientists are going to pay me every Friday? I have bills to pay and mouths to feed I never hear you say anything about that. I'll gladly give you my address where you can send my check. Thank You.


If YOU KNOW there is going to be such a HUGE rise in cases after thus weekend, then WHY THE HELL are we allowing all the out of towers to come??

Geezus you sound so STUPID!!!


I'm an out of towner and I totally agree with DetourUS66. The same identical fearmongering information is being put out in my state. If fact we are recieving SARSCOV2 patients from AZ which are inflating our numbers and of course, funding our hospitals. The CDC website states if you have had the common cold, SARs antibody test will likely be positive.

It's sad that the some locals are complaining about closing to us American foreigners because we bring lots of revenue to your area and have been for many, many years.




Chicken Little

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