Painting with grandma

Florida Grecco’s grandchildren take advantage of learning about art and create their own master pieces in Grecco’s gallery.


LAUGHLIN — The Florida Grecco Fine Art Gallery doesn’t only offer artwork for sale, those who walk in can get art lessons.

Florida Grecco, who owns the gallery, said she’ll see all kinds of students. It doesn’t matter what age or ability and students can learn about all types of media, she continued.

Water color, acrylic, pastels, drawing and other types of media can be learned in the classes. There is instruction for the rock decorating. The rock decorating is set up as a fundraiser for the 4-H classes, Grecco said. Those who participate in the rock decorating can give a donation and that money goes to supporting the local 4-H classes and plans are to help send some 4-H students to a camp.

Most times, art enthusiasts come in to learn about acrylic and drawing, Grecco said. Water color is also popular but when looking at it, most want to learn about any type of art, she added.

How long a lesson goes depends on the student, Grecco said. Thus far, that’s typically been about an hour to three hours. It can go longer than that, she continued.

Grecco has been an artist since she was 7-years-old, she said. She creates all kinds of artwork and uses various media to do so. She can do landscaping, but also abstract and other styles, she added.

One day, Grecco had a woman come in and insisted she couldn’t draw, not even sticks, Grecco said. So, Grecco opted to get some supplies and let this lady draw.

Grecco said she instructed the woman to focus on what was in her head and not worry about details. So Grecco left her alone and when she came back, the woman had drawn a flower. It all started with the stick, Grecco said. Art is about a person’s own mind and creating only what’s in his or her head, she continued.

She particularly loves working with children, Grecco said. She wants to help children find their creativity and imagination through art, she continued.

Grecco said she does have a couple of instructors who help her teach. The teachers alternate when they are present abut Grecco is there regularly.

Grecco said she provides the art supplies and students can keep their artwork.

The art gallery is at the Laughlin Outlet Center, 1955 S. Casino Dr. The gallery is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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