Sgt. Gino Briscoe

LAUGHLIN — Laughlin substation Sgt. Gino Briscoe was honored recently as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s employee of the month.

The Las Vegas-based Metro is responsible for law enforcement in much of Clark County, including the township of Laughlin. The Laughlin substation also handles law enforcement for nearby Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Aria.

Briscoe, a senior sergeant, patrols an 80-mile radius.

Bob Boerner, previous site coordinator for the LVMPD-Laughlin Metro Volunteer Program, nominated Briscoe for his drive and commitment to protect the community, stating, “Sgt. Briscoe is tremendously dedicated to the volunteers and to the community and will go out of his way to help anyone in need. One way or another he makes sure we are all looked after and protected.” 

Briscoe, originally from Las Vegas, supervises a patrol squad and the 15 Metro Volunteers based in Laughlin. He said he works hand in hand with the volunteers during concerts, marathons, special events, traffic control and more. 

“It’s nice to work with people with vast experiences that come out and donate their time to us,” Briscoe said. “It’s so fulfilling to have them next to us because of their knowledge in different areas. They bring so much to the table.” 

According to Briscoe, who has been with the police department for 33 years, he enjoys working in Laughlin not only for the scenic value but because it’s what he calls hometown policing.

“You know who lives in the community,” he said. “You get to know people here and you have time to follow up on crimes. We have built relationships with people, and they will talk to us.” 

Briscoe developed the Identify, Detect and Locate program in 1988 which helps the LVMPD take an active role in locating wanted persons through voluntary cooperation with property owners and agents.

He also is no stranger to changing a tire.

“One day the vehicle we were using for handicapped parking had a flat tire,” said Boerner, who averages 50-60 hours a month volunteering. “I called the substation for assistance and Gino showed up with the service aid to change the tire. Gino got his uniform dirty but he didn’t care. He’s on the spot when you need him.” Boerner said Briscoe stepped in another time to help when a property manager was not too keen on their handicap parking patrol.

“Gino spoke to the property manager to make assurances we were only there to help,” Boerner said. “He is always there to protect us when we need him.”

Briscoe’s career with the LVMPD began in 1986 when he joined the police force as a corrections officer at the jail. From there he held various roles in Las Vegas and Laughlin as a field training officer, narcotics detective and community policing officer.

Finally, he landed back in Laughlin where he has been for the past 20 years protecting the community. 

“I feel honored that Bob would nominate me for employee of month,” Briscoe said. “I just feel like it’s a part of what I do. Whether I am nominated or not I am still going to perform like an Olympic champion, so to speak.”

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