Clark County School District Supt. Jesus Jara shows off one of the new Acer Chromebooks being distributed across the county to help students have equal access to online schooling to keep them up on their studies. The CCSD distributed 322 Chromebooks to Laughlin students who otherwise might not have access to a computer at home.


LAUGHLIN — The Clark County School District is distributing 48,000 Acer Chromebook computers purchased with Title 1 money to students across the county to keep them up to speed on their schooling.

Schools in Nevada closed in mid-March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, CCSD students have had to adapt to home schooling via online portals such as Vegas PBS, CCSD sites and other means to keep up their learning. CCSD came to recognize that not all students have equal access to those courses due to many not having computers in the home or not having one the students could access themselves anytime they needed to. Many households have only one computer and often that is in use by the parents, many of whom also found themselves out of work during the COVID shutdown.

During that time children’s access to computers and online education became secondary in many homes to the parents’ need to be online to both file for unemployment as well as look for work and keep up to date on the state’s status in terms of reopening.

Last week, the “CCSD On the Move” bus arrived in Laughlin, where the district distributed more than 300 Chromebooks to local students. 

Some may have fallen behind during the conclusion of the school year and some may be suffering even more during the summer.

As one CCSD adminstrator put it — “A double-slide in learning for those CCSD students unfortunate enough to not have internet access.”

Hoping to remedy that CCSD Supt. Jesus Jara and a team of district staff visited Bennett Elementary in Laughlin to hand out the Chromebooks. He was welcomed by Laughlin Principal Dawn Estes and some staff who helped the process of the distribution throughout the day as well as overseeing the ongoing food distribution service that CCSD is offering to students in Laughlin. The food program has been operational for over two months now providing daily meals to the students of Laughlin.

The Laughlin stop was the fourth on the CCSD on the Move tour, according to district personnel, and the distribution of Chromebooks district-wide is continuing.

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