Trevor and Brea Chiodini

Trevor and Brea Chiodini love what they do.

LAUGHLIN — The fact Brea Chiodini, along with husband, Trevor, are already thinking about what else to add to Laughlin River Tours could be why they are a finalist for the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Community Achievement Awards.

This is the second year in a row the company has been nominated for an award, said Trevor Chiodini, co-owner of the company that won the 2017 Lloyd Shires Tourism Award.

“It’s simply because we keep expanding,” said Trevor Chiodini. 

It’s a good feeling to know they are recognized for their efforts and hard work, said Brea Chiodini.

“We’ve upped the ante each year and that’s where we are getting the recognition,” said Trevor Chiodini.

The couple began their initial business, Performance Motorsports in 2012, said Brea Chiodini. They started with four personal watercraft at the Aquarius Casino Resort and then added a location at The Pioneer.

Then they started Rocky River Adventure Center, bought London Bridge Jet Boat Tours and started TTR Motor Sports. They also have the Celebration River Boat under the Laughlin River Tours umbrella.

“The definition of entrepreneur is someone who’s willing to take the financial risk,” said Trevor Chiodini. And it has paid off for them.

A lot of what they do wouldn’t or couldn’t happen without the team of employees they have, said Trevor Chiodini. As the company has grown, they’ve hired on more employees and each individual helps make it the success it’s become.

“We definitely have a great team and we have the right people,” said Brea Chiodini. “It makes us be able to go onto the next adventure.”

Regarding the community, the couple supports local programs, charities and organizations. On the spot at the Community Achievement Awards, Laughlin River Tours doubled the scholarship amount to $2,000 so each winner could get the full $1,000 instead of having to split the money, said Trevor Chiodini.

They were also part of the Young Entrepreneur Academy, allowing students to take field trips and see what it takes to run a business, said Trevor Chiodini.

“We do quite a bit of donations and we try and fill as many as we can,” said Brea Chiodini.

She is also part of the Care Campaign, which is an event to raise money to fight Alzheimer’s disease. This is the third year they are helping, she said.

The couple donates the Celebration Boat to local groups who may not be able to afford renting it out so they can get out on the river and still enjoy themselves.

They also work with the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce a lot and help the Volunteers in Partnership. They’ve worked with media groups who are looking to do stories and get video.

“We definitely give a lot of our time to promote Laughlin,” said Trevor Chiodini.

Being active on social media is part of what keeps the Chiodini’s going. They continually receive five-star ratings on sites like TripAdvisor and that helps generate customers.

It’s been a lot of work but both enjoy what they do. It’s gone well so many family members have jumped on board to help continue the success.

Part of the entrepreneur part is continually growing and there are some thoughts about what’s next but nothing has yet been decided. 

Brea Chiodini said the next move will be something she chooses. 

Trevor had his chances and so this time it’s her opportunity, she added with a smile.

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