Laughlin Town Manager Brian Paulson flips a quarter to break a tie vote by the Laughlin Town Advisory Board to see which of the two members vying for the position would represent Laughlin at the Clark County Board of Commissioners “quarterly” meeting for the next two years. Board member Jim Maniaci won the toss and will be that representative. 


LAUGHLIN — A toss of a coin loomed large Tuesday in the first meeting of the Laughlin Town Advisory Board since the Clark County Regional Government offices were reopened.

The board hadn’t met in three months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among items on Tuesday’s agenda was selection of an LTAB member to sit in on the Clark County Board of Commissioners quarterly meetings.

LTAB Chairmwoman Gina Mackey called the item for action and immediately two members of the advisory board — Jim Maniaci and Kathy Oches — stated their desire to fill that position. 

As fate would have it, the advisory board was missing member Niles Smith, leaving four members to vote. Mackey and Maniaci voted for Maniaci while Ochs and Herman Walker voted for Ochs.

Mackey said into the record that the board would flip a coin and whichever of the two won that coin toss would be the next representative for Laughlin Town Manager Brian Paulson was chosen to flip the coin while the board and audience looked on. Maniaci chose heads, leaving Ochs with tails. Paulson stepped from behind his desk, producing a quarter and flipped the coin. Not getting a clean flip as the coin rolled under the board table, Paulson retrieved the quarter and returned to the center of the floor in front of the board table and again flipped the coin. This time the coin landed flat on the floor.

Paulson stepped forward and announced that it was in fact heads that had own. He then asked Laughlin Nevada Times journalist Kane Wickham to verify which side was up. Wickham concurred that it was heads, thus Manicai won the toss and will represent Laughlin at the “quarterly” county board of commissioners meetings. 

Only in Laughlin.

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