LAS VEGAS — At the June 25 meeting of the Clark County School District Board of School Trustees, Trustee Danielle Ford announced she would take suggestions from the community on how to best reopen our schools this fall.

The response has been incredible, with more than 650 community members weighing in with their ideas on how to open schools in a manner that is safe for students and educators, while ensuring students receive the best education possible. 

Another major consideration is creating a consistent school schedule so that Nevadans can get back to work and we can start to rebuild our economy.

“After reading through ideas from stakeholders and speaking with dozens of community members, it’s clear to me that the current plan proposed to reopen schools does not benefit the majority of our students, staff, and families — and there are great ideas for improvement,” Ford said, adding  “The current proposed plan likely will increase inequities, disrupt work schedules for parents, and put teachers at risk. It also fails to provide the consistent classroom experience that we know our students need to thrive.

“I appreciate that CCSD administrators have worked tirelessly to formulate this plan, and I recognize that no plan will please everyone in this difficult time, however, I’ve been saddened to learn that this plan was created largely without stakeholder input, and without consideration for the unique needs of the district, therefore, it’s time for us to come together as a community to discuss improvements we can make to the school reopening plan so that it better serves our students, educators, and families. Our community is begging for leaders who will listen to them.”

Ford said the community responses provided multiple ideas on how the 2020-2021 school year could be reconsidered, but because of time constraints she has provided responses that could be applied to improve the current proposed plan. 

Possible modifications were formed collaboratively, represent the diverse Clark County community, and would support the ongoing effort to reopen schools safely. She has posted the recommendations on her website,, and plans to share with her fellow members of the Board of School Trustees and Supt. Jesus  Jara for consideration. 

The trustees were expected to discuss the reopening plan at their meeting on July 6 and vote on the reopening plan at their meeting on July 9.  

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