Rep. Susie Lee answers a constituent’s question at the Laughlin Library last Friday.  She serves Nevada’s 3rd District, which ranges from Henderson to Laughlin.


LAUGHLIN — When Nevada’s 3rd District U.S. Rep. Susie Lee was running for Congress last year, she visited Laughlin, telling everyone she’d be back one day.

She fulfilled that promise last week, meeting with a group of constituents at the Laughlin Library.

“It is really important for me to get my boots on the ground down here,” Lee said. “I always say I can’t help you unless I know what is going on. So, this is a really important day for me.”

Lee spent the afternoon touring Laughlin, meeting constituents, and later attending a pig roast at the Laughlin American Legion Post 60.

Around 20 people visited with the Democrat so she could hear their concerns first-hand. 

Some recurring discussion topics were about local infrastructure, help for retirees, student debt and veterans affairs.

Bruce Henry was one of the few at the meeting who said he did not vote for Lee but was thrilled she took the time to come down and speak to them.

“I haven’t seen any of our senators since I have been here (Laughlin) in nine years, and that’s not good,” he said. “So, meeting her was fabulous. Normally we don’t get a chance being this far away from Las Vegas.”

During the meeting, Lee talked about ongoing developmental issues in the community. At the top of her list were needs for a hospital and the ongoing bridge dilemma.

“The number one thing is how we can get more medical providers here to this community,” Lee said. “There are actions I can take to move that along.” 

Lee said she supported the Rural Physicians Act, which provides tax-free loans to physicians who come to rural communities like Laughlin.

Overall, Lee’s three main goals are to reduce health care costs, make sure federal dollars are going into Nevada to support the education system and veterans affairs.

Most recently, she voted to pass the Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act, which helps lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Lee’s district covers a large portion of Southern Nevada, from Henderson and to Laughlin. She said she wanted to make it clear to her constituents not to be afraid to reach out.

“Don’t be a stranger to me,” Lee said. “This is an important town.”

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