LAS VEGAS — Finalization of Laughlin’s transportation elements is one step closer. 

The Clark County Planning Commission discussed and voted on the seven elements during its June 4 meeting. Those same elements were previously voted on by the Laughlin Town Advisory Board during its meeting with Clark County Public Works on May 28.

During that meeting, LTAB made five amendments to the seven original map elements. The planning commissioners sided with just two.

The commissioners’ discussion started with Change 40, the bridge alignment and increased road width on the Laughlin side for the Bullhead City-Laughlin bridge project.

Planning Commissioner Steve Kirk motioned to approve Change 40 per Clark County Public Works’ original request to increase road width for 80 feet to 100.

“I would like to stick with the staff because this is simply a master plan element and not a right of way dedication,” Kirk said. “It can be changed subsequent to our action tonight, should a developer of our action come through.”

The motion passed 5-0.

Kirk asked public works staff when they thought the bridge would come online and be usable.

Jason Allswang, Clark County senior plan checker, who spoke at LTAB’s meeting on May 28 said, “When we have the funding.”

Clark County requested Bullhead City pay an additional $4.5 million for the bridge two weeks ago. The Bullhead City Council voted 6-1 during its meeting on June 4 to enter an agreement to cap its additional expenditures at $4.5 million.

However, it isn’t a part of the city’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1. 

The Clark County planning commissioners agreed with the amendments made by LTAB on Change 36 and Change 39. Both were to keep the current 100-foot right of way designations at both sites.

Change 36 regards the right of way on Casino Drive from Highway 163 to Harrah’s Laughlin.

“The town board would like to see Casino (Drive) stay as a 100-foot right of way all throughout Laughlin,” Allswang said. “They pointed out that in the Las Vegas valley we have the strip where we are scrambling to get extra right of way from various properties. Their recommendation was to not change it to an 80 and leave it on the plan at a 100 to prepare us for the future.”

Kirk motioned to concur with the town board recommendation and it passed 5-0.

Change 39 affects the area south of Big Bend of the Colorado State recreation area. Kirk said it should be left at 100 feet as it is in the general area of the proposed bridge.  It also passed with a 5-0 vote.

Change 35 regarded reducing the right of way width on Laughlin Civic Drive from 100 feet to 80 feet, which it is currently built at. LTAB requested that it stay at 100. 

The commissioners voted 5-0 to change the right of way to 80 feet per staff recommendations.

Change 38 was to remove road designations at the Emerald River Project.  The LTAB requested the current rights of way not be removed.

“Depending on future development and what happens with the future project, we didn’t want to lock anything,” Allswang said. “So, our goal was to give developers the flexibility to do whatever they want.”

Kirk motioned to deviate from the town board. His motion passed 5-0.

The commissioners also voted 5-0 to pass Changes 34 and 37 per public work staff recommendations, which LTAB agreed with.

Recommendations from the planning commission go to the Board of County Commissioners on July 17 for final approval.

Other updates

On May 14, the LTAB reviewed a use permit for Harrah’s Laughlin Casino & Hotel for hosting temporary outdoor commercial events for longer than 10 days and allow outdoor entertainment to go beyond daytime use on its beach.

LTAB voted 3-2 to approve, adding a clause stating that within one year of the application review that the applicant agrees for community and safety concerns to build its part of the Laughlin River Walk.

The Clark County Board of County Commissioners voted on this item last week.

It turns out the added clause does not stand as Harrah’s is not required to extend the River Walk across property it does not own or control.  

Harrah’s beach use permit passed 7-0.

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