Jim Maniaci

Former Laughlin Town Advisory Board member Jim Maniaci speaks at the Aug. 11 LTAB meeting.

LAUGHLIN — Laughlin Town Advisory Board Member Jim Maniaci, who just a few weeks ago issued a letter stating that he was resigning his positions with the LTAB, Laughlin Elks Club, Laughlin Economic Development Corporation and Laughlin Community Church to move to Lake Havasu City, reversed course a week later.

Maniaci stood before the LTAB and announced that he was neither resigning nor dropping out of November’s election, saying he was staying in Laughlin to “finish much needed work.”

However, former LTAB member and longtime civic volunteer Fred Doten sent his own letter to the Laughlin Nevada Times, pointing out that Maniaci has left his “domacile” in Laughlin and no longer is a resident — a requirement to be on the LTAB. 

Doten’s letter read: “After reading the 8/12/20 edition of The Laughlin Nevada Times front page, I thought it essential to voice my opinion on Jim Maniaci’s reversal of his Laughlin Town Advisory Board resignation. How does anyone who moves family and household goods to another state in good faith turn around and say he has not moved on? It sounds to me like his special interest group controllers made the decision for him.

“To say he has two domiciles (one in Nevada and the other in Arizona) creates a conflict. Per the State of Nevada Constitution, one must be his residence and the other his constructive residency as defined in Article 2, Section 1. Many local people and organizations spoke with him and/or assisted him with his relocation efforts. So now with his ‘change of heart,’ does he claim to live with his wife in another state or in Laughlin? I also take a personal affront when a person who is not a home- and /or business-owner in Laughlin says he can better determine the destiny of our town and my well-being. 

“In 2012, the citizens of Laughlin said we did not want to be incorporated. Then through the underhanded help of Sen. Joe Hardy to circumvent the town’s wishes, Laughlin became one of the few townships within Nevada authorized to elect a TAB, and Jim got on the board. Jim, once (the) town reporter, lost his job for breaking the rules of reporting. He took an oath to represent Laughlin, however, records show that he has not been doing so. In 2019, Joe Hardy, unilaterally under the guidance of the LEDC (Laughlin Economic Development Corporation), tried to push incorporation through the legislature. Jim supported this effort at the Grant Sawyer Building. Yet it was not communicated to Laughlin citizens at an LTAB meeting. Additionally, there was a recent effort to stop the new bridge, again without Laughlin citizens approval.

“In the news article Jim states ‘We are in a critical window for the future growth of our community.’ What are the details of this statement? Please note that he says ‘we’ which implies the citizens of Laughlin are cognizant of what is going on. He further states we are ‘dominated and controlled by entities who do not want us to grow.’ Who are these entities? Personally, I look around our community and see an infrastructure of community assets that should make us the envy of every city/township in the state. I see first responders who professionally care for our community. I see county government that caters to our needs and steps in when a need exists.

“When we recently lost our grocery store, where was the LTAB and Town Manager? I know Clark County was there to subsidize a replacement which opens this month. When the food bank closed, who picked up the slack and kept food flowing? 

“... I will close by saying ‘Jim, you can go home to your wife, the citizens of this town don’t need your ‘assistance’ in determining our future.’ ” 

All five seats on the Laughlin Town Advisory Board are open this November. It isn’t clear whether Maniaci will remain on the ballot. He said earlier this month that his name being on the ballot was among the reasons he decided to remain on the LTAB.

“One of the reasons for staying is that my name remains on the ballot, as it is far too late to withdraw my filing as a candidate,” he said. “Therefore I will honor my commitment to be on the ballot for the October-November general election, based on experience and staying dedicated to working for the betterment of the quality of life for Laughlinites.”

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