From left, former Laughlin Metro Volunteers Program Site Coordinator Bob Boerner, new LVMPD-Laughlin MVP Site Coordinator Chris Dueker, and LVMPD-Laughlin Sgt. Gino Briscoe.


LAUGHLIN — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department-Laughlin substation’s Metro Volunteer Program Site Coordinator Robert Boerner is passing the baton of command to Chris Dueker, a recently added member to the all-volunteer group that serves alongside Laughlin Metro officers on a daily basis helping them with such tasks as handicapped parking citations, traffic control, special events, logistical coordination and often times even labor for the many events that LVMPD-Laughlin take part in. 

In LVMPD’s monthly newsletter, the announcement was made official by LVMPD-Laughlin Site Coordinator Sgt. Gene Briscoe and Laughlin MVP Coordinator Boerner who said of Dueker, “Out of 16 volunteers that Metro Sgt. Briscoe and I considered, Chris has the leadership capabilities that stand out. As one of our newer volunteers, Chris stood out right from the beginning. She responded to every event, regardless of the task, which is most unusual. She would take the initiative in directing others without hesitation.”

Briscoe and Boerner said they know how much time the coordinator will spend devoted to the safety and well-being of the isolated Metro community stating, “Chris stands up to the commitment measure.” 

“I have always had volunteerism in my blood,” said Dueker, on accepting the broader assignment going forward, adding, “I am as motivated and committed to the program as Bob has always been.”

Dueker is also known by her nickname “Lucy” from the Charlie Brown comics and films, due to her naturally direct style of leadership, not surprising because she was the eldest of four children raised all over the country by her single father. She said she enjoyed her childhood in Tennessee, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado, where she graduated from high school.

While in school, she hired on with Western Electric Engineering in Aurora, Colorado, and later became the first female central office installer for the seven Western states, becoming a pioneer for women to enter a “male workforce environment”.

The Laughlin Library hosted an event called “Talk with a Cop.” It was there that Dueker said she learned of the opportunity to volunteer with the Laughlin Metro substation. It took several months to get through the process with background investigations and interviews, but now she is deeply embedded in serving her new community.

“Chris will recruit, request continued training, and offer the best support and representation for our Metro Police Force” said the newsletter. 

Boerner, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, will be right there as well. 

At the recent Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Mountain View Park in Laughlin, Boerner was chastised by a resident who had got him a custom walking cane which he had rarely seen Boerner use. Boerner’s response, “I always seem to leave that in the car.”

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