A late-model White Mercedes sedan shows damage from the parking structure car fire that occurred at the Golden Nugget on Sunday during the Independence Day weekend. The fire started in an older model Ford F-250 pickup around 4 p.m. and eight vehicles in total were damaged. The Clark County Fire Department estimated the damage at between $100,000 and $150,000. There were no injuries.


LAUGHLIN — A fire in the parking garage at the Golden Nugget last Sunday was cause for some alarm as it engulfed eight vehicles on the fourth floor of the parking structure.

The fire occcurred around 4 p.m. after a Ford F-250 truck that had pulled in around 3:30 p.m. began smoking, causing guests in the parking garage to call it in. The truck ignited into a full-blown fire that consumed the engine compartment and ignited several surrounding vehicles.

According to the Clark County Fire Department, eight vehicles were damaged with about half of them considered a total loss. Included was a Mercedes-Benz sedan, the hood of which had a burned circle all the way through it due to magnesium engine parts common to Mercedes manufacturing. 

The Clark County Fire Department said that despite rumors to the contrary, there were no fireworks in any of the vehicles. The cause of what sounded like explosions coming from the vehicles was due to tires exploding after reaching their burn point. 

Clark County-Laughlin Engine 76 and Bullhead City Fire departments responded to the call, came in, quickly extinguishing the blaze and remaining on scene to make sure it had been fully extinguished. 

Several guests at the Golden Nugget posted videos to social media showing the damage to the vehicles and parking structure.

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This would have never happened if Valet Parking was open at the hotel.

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