LAUGHLIN — William G. Bennett Elementary School saw a bonanza of kids this year on Kindergarten and Pre-school Round-up Day. 

Kindergarten teacher Katie VonDrak said that the turnout looked bigger than last year. 

“They were showing up at 7:30,” she said, noting that the event was scheduled to start at 8 a.m.

Last year’s tally was about 337 students in the K-5 school and VonDrak estimated that they might be closer to 400 this school year. The tally at 8:45 was already at 33 kids and counting, and the multi-purpose room was nearly full around 9 a.m. with Pre-K and K-5 students and their parents filing in to sign their kids up for the 2019-20 school year.

Teachers were on hand to answer any questions the parents had, and to offer assessment and placement interviews with the kids. Parents got to meet the teachers and get information on the coming school year’s schedule, classes, and other information pertaining to their kids’ attendance at Bennett. 

The staff had games for the incoming kids to keep them occupied while their parents took care of the business of the day — registering them for the coming school year that began Monday in Laughlin.

Refreshments were served and there also were raffles all morning long to spice up the day for all.  Laughlin Library staff was on hand at the day’s event as was the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension organizer. Teaching staff also held assessment interviews for placement of the children for the coming year to give them the best shot at learning while at Bennett. The children got to meet their fellow classmates — some for the first time — and began the process of making new friendships that could last a lifetime. 

The school boasts a 14-1 student-teacher ratio, so the classes are small enough for specialized and individual attention for the kids. 

Dawn Estes remains the principal at Bennett while also helming Laughlin Junior/Senior High School. 

Special thanks to VonDrak for inviting The Laughlin Nevada Times to come by and see the first encounter many of the kids had with the concept of school, which will be a big part of their lives over the next 12 years.

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