Dr. Frederick Dreyer

LAUGHLIN — The residents of Laughlin lost a beloved physician who has been a fixture in town for nearly 30 years.

It was confirmed Monday morning by the Clark County Coroner’s Office that Frederick Eugene Dreyer, 74, of Western Arizona Regional Medical Center’s Laughlin Walk-in Clinic died unexpectedly Saturday at Henderson Hospital.

Dreyer built a stellar reputation with the residents and patients he served for almost 30 years in the area.  The Laughlin Walk-in Clinic opened its doors in the Laughlin Outlet Mall on Casino Drive in April of 2016, not long after University Medical Center closed its doors  a short distance away. Dreyer  worked at UMC prior to the current clinic.

“Dr. Dreyer was a kind and caring physician and we are saddened by this news,” Michael Stenger, CEO of Western Arizona Regional Medical Center, which oversees the Laughlin Clinic, said through a news release from WARMC. “As the only physician in Laughlin, Dr. Dreyer took on the healthcare responsibility for thousands upon thousands of residents and visitors over the years. He put his heart into the Laughlin community for more than 25 years. 

”As a family care practitioner, Dr. Dreyer had provided care at Laughlin Walk-In Care for more than five years. Prior to that, he had practiced at University Medical Center in Laughlin. Patients with appointments have been notified by the Laughlin Clinic. Two nurse practitioners who worked alongside Dr. Dryer, Crystal Voight, NP, and Debbie Hughson, RNP, will be caring for his patients. WARMC has arranged for physicians to provide oversight and patient care at the clinic as needed.” 

A patient of Dreyer’s at the clinic said the doctor had been his primary care physician for the last 10 years, adding that he was such a popular physician that one had to schedule appointments to be able to see him as the demand for his care was so great. 

Jena Morga, marketing director at WARMC, also expressed her sadness stating both in person and in the news release that “he will truly be missed,” adding that the staff at WARMC is heartbroken over the news.

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