Casino Drive

Crews are working to finish repairs to Casino Drive in Laughlin now that the gas line replacement project has been completed.


LAUGHLIN — Attempting to make the best out of a bad situation, Laughlin businesses and the township itself is moving ahead with the opportunity to regroup, repair and review.

On Monday, multiple street repair sites were operating at maximum effort on Casino Drive to complete the repairs to the gaming corridor now that the new gas line project has been installed.

From Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino all the way down to Harrah’s-Laughlin, street crews are working during the traffic downturn to get repairs done in time for the return of normalcy. 

Over at the Riverside, which announced it is taking reservations for May 1 (barring any new time frames from Gov. Steve Sisolak’s office), crews are doing long- awaited upgrades to the theater, installing motorized recliners no less for the theater-goers that frequent the “House that Don built’.”

In an announcement from Riverside, Chief Operating Officer Matt Laughlin (Don’s grandson), stated in part: “During all our repairs and deep sanitation here, we have been practicing social distancing as no more than four are working together at a time and trying to stay some feet apart. It’s challenging but important. We are wrapping up our leak issues we had (it’s supposed to rain here in the next couple days so we shall see if they are fixed) and are staging the parking garage with boxes and boxes of our new movie theater recliners. We are in the process of retiling all cinema floors and when that is complete, we will install the electrical to set up these theater rows of motorized recliners. I’m excited. Right now, the only other news I have to share is we are currently taking hotel room reservations to arrive Friday, May 1. We know this could change at any time depending on what our governor decides so we are prepared either way. If May 1 changes to May 8 or May 15, we will announce and be ready. But if we do open May 1, we will be more than ready. We will be one of the cleanest resorts around! Stay healthy, stay strong and let’s continue to stay connected. ”

Other casinos also have taken the opportunity for repairs and upgrades that 24-hour operations simply didn’t allow time for. 

The shutdown of the gaming industry in Nevada has had massive and no doubt long-term effects for the companies and the state itself will feel the financial crunch of the lost gaming revenues for some time to come, but if there is any kind of a silver lining for the Silver State, it has to be the down time allowing for upgrades, cleaning and repairs. 

As Matt Laughlin said in his letter, when the gaming industry fires back up in Nevada, the first guests back will be treated to the nicest and cleanest casinos since they were first opened. 

Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.

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son of David

I am wonder what all the laid off employees are doing to survive while all this money is spent on structural improvements facilities. where is don and father charlie right now?????? May be Bill knows

son of David

sure glad to hear there is toilet paper out there. the laid off workers need it.

son of David

This comment was made to a totally different letter allegedly from Matt with a lengthy discussion of there being f plenty of toilet paper in Laughlin and was followed with the statemeny "Let them eat toilet paper". It was my sarcastic comment in response to his alleged comment in the now deleted article. That is shoty and unethical jurnalism on your part. Indoing this you totally changed the context and the meaning. You have no business in jurnalism. My point was I did not approve of Matts statrment even if it was intended only to be humorous.


Good call by Don Laughlin's Riverside Casino. Upgrades always increase business. A clean casino is a happy one. Employees that are not working due to the Governor's Edict are or should be collecting unemployment insurance from the state and from Trump's bailout. Casinos donated food and other items for the community. In a few weeks, they all will be back open and people working.

Desert Bat

Somebody has to say it - now (Monday evening April 13th) that Generalissimo Trump has declared absolute authority over all 50 U.S. states - relegating state Governors to stooges under his command - I would not hold out much hope for a quick recovery of jobs in Laughlin or anywhere else. Casino employment depends upon discretionary income, and discretionary income has gone the way of the Dodo President (if anyone's interested, it was Dutch mariners traveling back and forth between the spice islands and Amsterdam who slaughtered the dodo birds during stopovers there in the Indian ocean islands). Look what you get for free sometimes at the Mohave Valley news online edition. What's lacking in nuances is made up in verbal caffeine.

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