Laughlin High School Athletics Director Tony Petrik, shown presiding over a winter sports award ceremony earlier this year, has led the Cougar and Lady Cougar coaching staff to completion of Level 1 status in the National Federal of State High School Associations Honor Roll program.


LAUGHLIN — Laughlin High School has become the first school in Nevada to obtain Level 1 National Federation of State High School Associations status.

The program is designed to encourage coaches and recognize those who do complete online education courses toward their professional development. For Laughlin to achieve Level 1 status, more than 90% of the coaches had to complete the core course, “Fundamentals of Coaching,” along with three others — “Concussion in Sports,” “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” and “Protecting Students from Abuse.” Coaches are expected to continue their professional development by taking many of these courses. The NFHS Honor Roll is a way to recognize those who do.

The school was notified of its achievement by Xavier Antheaume, director of athletics, Title IX compliance, Clark County School District curriculum and professional development

“We are pleased to announce that Laughlin High School has become the first school in Nevada to obtain the Level 1 NFHS school status,” Antheaume wrote. “Not only did they obtain the 90% needed, but in fact, they were able to get all coaches to complete the classes necessary to obtain this status. We also would like to congratulate Tony Petrik at Laughlin for making this an area of emphasis for his staff to complete.”

Petrik is athletics director at LHS.

An attached letter stated, “Our office would like to continue to encourage all high schools in America to encourage your coaches to get these classes completed. While we are still quarantined, this is a great opportunity for coaches to get these courses completed. With that said, which school is next?”

That letter commended the Laughlin High School coaching staff for taking time that would have been utilized for the spring sports programs, which have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to make professional development a priority to become Nevada’s first school to attain Level 1 status.

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