LAUGHLIN — Last week’s article in The Laughlin Nevada Times concerning the appointment of Laughlin Town Advisory Board Member Jim Maniaci to be Laughlin’s representative to the Clark County Board of Commissioners quarterly meetings was short of detail.

Maniaci will be Laughlin’s representative to that body to aid in the county’s new master plan and development code rewrite. He will attend these meetings as Clark County draws up its master plan and performs a rewrite and update of it‘s development code concerning future development within the county. The process began this year and will run into 2022, when the development code is adopted. Maniaci will be Laughlin’s voice in that ongoing process for the full term of the project.

The master plan is the leading document that Clark County uses to guide future growth and day-to-day decision making. It covers such topics as population and demographic trends, land use, safety, recreation, transportation, economic development, housing, health, environment, conservation, utilities and historic preservation. The development code is the set of regulations that guide how development should occur in order to improve Clark County. This includes zoning, land use, subdivisions, landscaping, signs, parking and other elements. 

The original master plan was drawn up in 1983 and while there have been updates added over the years, it has never been updated overall as a cohesive document. That is what the county is doing currently. The county is seeking the public’s input for this task as the citizens of Clark County are the people who will benefit and have to live with the results and implementations of both the master plan and the code rewrite. 

The Clark County Board of Commissioners is asking county residents to complete a survey. “Transform Clark County,” a major undertaking to establish a cohesive, countywide vision for the future and a defined strategy to achieve that vision. This effort will include a complete rewrite of Clark County’s key policy and regulatory documents — the master plan and development code.

“We need a clear vision for making our community more livable and sustainable,” said Commissioner Justin Jones, a vocal advocate for the updates. “For that reason, public input is critical so that we can come to a shared understanding of the kind of community we want today, tomorrow, and for future generations.”

The master plan rewrite portion of the Transform Clark County process will be the primary focus initially and is expected to be completed by summer of 2021. Adoption of the development code will occur in late 2022.

Community input is an important part of reshaping both documents, which will help guide how future tax dollars are invested to improve our quality of life.

Clark County residents are asked to complete a vision and values questionnaire at https://www. and to visit the project website at There, one can find out more about the project, access a description and timeline of the process, track events and sign up for email updates. One may also track the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, NextDoor and other social media channels using the hashtag


“We all want to see our community quality of life improve,” said Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick. “The work that goes into this roadmap for the future will help get us there. I encourage all our residents to take the survey and tell us what they want the future of Greater Las Vegas and Clark County to be.”

For the master plan, the county will be engaging and seeking input from a cross-section of community interests, including citizen advisory groups, the arts and cultural community, business owners and labor groups, educators and institutions of higher learning, environmental and conservation interests, builders, planners, transportation entities, realtors, social service providers, urban and rural communities, city and regional government entities, police and fire, and state and federal agencies.

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