Rotary Club of Laughlin President Cassandra Cyril presents much-needed computers at the Colorado River Food Bank. From left  are Mike Conner, Doug Westly, Vince Rucfer, Sandy West, Patty Dion, Dave Scheg and Cyril.


LAUGHLIN — Long waits and hold-ups for receiving food often don’t go over well. The Colorado River Food Bank experienced this as its previous fleet of laptop computers had seen better days.  

For months, constant freezes and forced laptop restarts during customer transactions equated to long lines and frustration for everyone.

The Rotary Club of Laughlin saw the need for new computers and teamed up with Dot Foods to get the job done. Each party donated $1,500 to the food bank for two new purpose-built desktops.  

“Its a lot faster,” said Sandy West, CRFB volunteer coordinator. “We sure appreciate those computers, it helps us a lot.”

Both desktops were built free of charge by community member Doug Westly, who specializes in internet technology.

Before designing the computers, he visited the food bank to determine what it needed. 

“Their current laptops were slow and backed up all the time,” Westly said. “Laptops are not made for this kind of office environment. I strongly recommended a tower.”

Cassandra Cyril, Rotary Club president, said once the club found out the total cost, it applied for a matching grant from Dot Foods

“We went to Dot because we already knew they had connections with the food bank,” Cyril said.  “They are big supporters of the community and we figured it would be right up their alley.”

Dot Foods has a charitable contributions committee that decides all donations and contribution requests.

“We absolutely felt it would be something we are interested in doing, and understand how important computers are in day to day practices,” said Julie Foster, human resource manager at Dot Foods’ Bullhead City operation. “We were happy to contribute and make it happen for them.”

The CRFB is a nonprofit that helps reduce hunger and provides clothing in the Tri-state. 

West said the food bank is looking for volunteers who can consistently lift over 30 pounds. The food bank also is need of baby formula and diapers.

She said the best way to get in contact is to stop in at 240 Laughlin Civic Drive during business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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