LAUGHLIN — While there is never a bad time for improvements to local schools, the COVID-19 pandemic has afforded some true opportunities for improvements throughout Laughlin, from Casino Drive to Laughlin Junior/Senior High School.

A crew from the Las Vegas Valley Water District installed a new fire plug at Laughlin High School Tuesday afternoon. Several improvements have come to LHS over the last several months while COVID has kept the place virtually locked down. Classes at LHS and at Bennett Elementary School began Aug. 24th with full-time distance learning, and Laughlin Principal Dawn Estes explained to the Laughlin Town Advisory Board that while the schools are currently full time distance learning, Laughlin is requesting some leeway for mixed attendance to get underway based on Laughlin’s low COVID-19 numbers, especially when compared to Las Vegas and much of the Clark County School District.

Estes also stated during the LTAB meeting Tuesday that Bennett Elementary is nearly 50 years down the road from when a proimise was made by CCSD to build a new elementary school in Laughlin. Bennett Elementary still is using portable classrooms from 1986, which were only meant to be temporary until CCSD could build a new school here. Estes has undertaken trying to get that promise fulfilled and has stated to the CCSD board that during the COVID shutdown might just be the best time to examine that future more closely. Estes said that a new site for the new school also would be in order. She said the best idea would be a site that puts the school closer to the middle and high school.

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