The former Aldape’s Market Place is about to undergo a transformation under new ownership and become The Market. Aldape’s, which had operated since the 1980s as the only full-service grocery store in town, closed earlier this year.


LAUGHLIN — There is a new grocery store coming to Laughlin.

A grocer from Colorado who operates several locally owned grocery stores, has signed a five-year lease on the old Aldape’s Market Place property.

Clark County is helping facilitate the new store with some COVID-19 relief funds. Aldape’s, which had operated in Laughlin since the 1980s, closed earlier this year, partly in response to difficulties securing food deliveries during the early days of Nevada’s response to the pandemic. A new owner reportedly had been sought for the store prior to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The new store will be a 13,500-square-foot full-service grocery store which will be called The Market and is expected to have many improvements added to or integrated into the old Aldape’s building. According to documents on the Clark County Board of Commissioners website obtained by the Laughlin Times, it states that the market which is to  “Commence business operations on or before Aug. 30, 2020, and be open to the general public a minimum of six days per week for a minimum of 10 hours per day” has also agreed to upgrade the market by installing new refrigeration and cooler equipment, checkout stands, deli area, point of sale system and improved lighting as well as other improvements which will enhance the market’s commercial feasibility.

That opening date may be up for alteration as the operator has stated that he “does not anticipate restarting operations for at least six to eight months after the execution of the lease” which was signed Tuesday morning, June 16. 

The owner of Aldape’s, Joe Aldape, had staffers tearing out the shelving for two weeks after the store closed for good, thus leaving the incoming operator without shelving. The equipment for the listed improvements will need to be installed after any needed structural repairs are completed. 

There is speculation that those may include roof repairs to the older building. Also in the mix is the necessity for licensing in Nevada and Clark County.

For its part, Clark County is utilizing COVID-19 relief funds to aid the new operator to get into operation in Laughlin and bring back the only true grocery store. In the absence of a store selling fresh meat and produce, Laughlin residents were forced to go elsewhere — including across the river into Bullhead City — for many of their grocery items.

The funds are listed as “up to $120,000,” and are the county’s incentive to bring back a grocery store to the residents of Laughlin. 

In the BCC filings it states that the “grantee represents that it has executed a minimum five-year lease with the property owner of the store located at 3100 Needles Highway, in Laughlin,” and a copy of that lease was included in the BCC meetings agenda material.

So at a minimum, the new store called The Market will be in operations for at least five years and will be a big boon to Laughlin.

Anticipation and support for the coming store is expected to be high as it returns the convenience of a local grocer to the residents of Laughlin thus alleviating gas and time costs to travel to Bullhead City for basic food necessities. As much as Aldape’s closing was a blow to the community, so will the new store’s announcement and opening will be a blessing to be celebrated by those same residents who can now look forward to having a grocery store in laughlin once again.

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if the lease has been signed, why is the new owner not identified


Who cares about the name of the new owner as long as its nobody related to the old owner? That old grocery store had always been a piece of crap with horrible produce and meat. Management and employees were never helpful or friendly at all. Sounds great having a "brand new" grocery store in Laughlin that understands it's market and will offer significant "service" above and beyond the Safeways in Mojave Valley and BHC. I would suggest pushing mandatory carry-out to customers' cars (curbside pickup) and either very cheap or even free delivery to any Laughlin resident over the age of 60 or with any conditions that prohibit shopping. this store could be a big hit. Good luck!


Those services sound good. I'm for it as long as there is a nice surcharge to pay for it. The rest of the customers shouldn't have to pay for free delivery for those too lazy to come in an shop.

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