WASHINGTON — Two of Nevada’s members of Congress, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Rep. Jacky Rosen, have pledged to donate their salaries to charity during the partial government shutdown of the federal budget impasse.

““I remain committed to continuing to work with my colleagues to keep the federal government open,” said Cortez Masto, a Democrat, in a statement. “Sadly, President (Donald) Trump has brought our country into yet another crisis right before the holidays. 

“The Senate has already acted in a bipartisan way to fund the government. We now wait for our president to work with us. The president can end the Trump shutdown today. Until then, I cannot take a salary knowing that so many federal workers in Nevada and across the country will go without pay.”

Cortez Masto did not indicate what charity would be directed to receive her donated salary, announcing that she would donate “to a Nevada charity for every day of the Trump shutdown.”

Rosen, also a Democrat, said her salary would go to “Nevada organizations aimed at helping survivors of sexual and domestic vilence.” She noted that some of those agencies benefit from programs funded by the Violence Against Women Ace, whose authorization lapsed at midnight Friday.

“The government has shut down for a third time under the watch of a Republican-controlled White House and Congress,” said Rosen. “To make matters worse, authorization of the Violence Against Women Act lapsed as a result of the Trump Administration’s reckless shutdown. 

“VAWA has been pivotal in helping our state tackle one of the highest rates of domestic violence against women. I plan to donate my pay to organizations in Nevada that help survivors of domestic violence because Nevada’s hardworking families shouldn’t be left to suffer as a result of this president’s irresponsible behavior.”

Rosen, who represents Nevada’s congressional District 3 that includes Laughlin, is co-sponsor of the No Government, No Pay Act, which would prohibit members of Congress from getting paid during a government shutdown. 

Rosen also is a lead sponsor of the bipartisan SHIELD Act (H.R. 1536), which would ensure compensation for servicemembers and federal law enforcement personnel in the event of a government shutdown or a default on the nation’s debt.

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