Representatives of the Girl Scouts of America attempt to land a new recruit during the open house last week at Bennett Elementary in Laughlin. Representatives of a variety of area organizations and agencies were on hand to explain their activities, services and membership requirements. Laughlin students joined others throughout the Clark County School District , heading to class on Monday to start the new school year.


LAUGHLIN — With a massive line stretching out the main doors of Laughlin Junior/Senior High School for last Friday’s open house, the 2019-20 school year officially got underway in Laughlin.

The halls were packed with students, parents, school staff and organizational representatives starting at noon and going past 2 p.m. on the day the students sign up and orient themselves for the school year that began Monday.

The representatives included members of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, the 4H Club, the Clark County Library, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River and others, all of whom had tables set up to answer questions, give out promotional items and sign up new members for their respective clubs and organizations.

The teaching staff was on hand to help the incoming students get set up for the 2019-20 school year and point them in the right direction.

Others could be found in their classrooms as the students and parents came by to view the rooms and meet the teachers they will have for the year.

The clerk’s window was swamped with parents settling up before Monday’s official start of the year as were the counselors offices and many administrators, all trying to handle the wave of incoming students. 

Many of those seemed happy to see old friends again and most seemed ready to get back to school. One school employee said the turnout was slightly less than last year, but the open house lasted until at least 2 p.m. and no tallies of student numbers were available.

Principal Dawn Estes was seen at the LHS open house briefly in the whirlwind of students and staff, and no doubt had a very busy day as did all the teachers and staff of Laughlin Junior/Senior High. Enrollment figures will be forthcoming after the start of classes.

Meanwhile, over at William G. Bennett Elementary School, the tsunami of students carried on in shorter form as the pre-schoolers and kindergarten students attended the open house at that school which overlapped with LHS in both time frame, teachers and organizations.

Many of the same school staff and organizational reps were seen at Bennett after the LHS open house died down some. Again, a packed house filled the multi-purpose room with organizations setting up tables to sign up new student recruits. The Elks Club table had gifts, toys and backpacks for any who might still need or want them, and the Girl Scouts were handing out rubber bracelets to all the girls who stopped by its table.

After an initial swarm of students and their parents, the Bennett open house slowed down quickly though a steady stream still was coming in at almost  2 p.m.. The Bennett open house went on from 1-3 p.m. and again there were no counts on how many students signed up for school there this year.

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